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Accutane, Aquaphor and other products

Hey everyone.

this is my first post. I've been on Accutane for a month now, 30mg for 2 weeks, and 60mg for the rest of my course. my lips are fried. not as bad now that I've been using vaseline, but still, not great. So, I went to the pharmacy and ordered some Aquaphor. I wasn't thinking when I placed the order, and now that I have it, I found out that there's an "Original" and "Medicated" version. which one should I be using? Also, is there anything else that would work?

My skin has been getting drier each day, which is a really cruel trick, because then you can't even put some concealer on, for all the flakies, lol. Anyway, what works well for skin? I got some heavy cream for night (which seems to be ok.. I hope) and Cetaphil moisturizer with spf15 for the day. I like to use an Asprin mask, is this ok? it's one of the only things that helps with the flakes. do you think this is ok?

thank so much guys, and please help me out, before I get tempted to open the jar and it enters the land of products that can never be returned, lol.

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Thanks. I'll be returning it tomorrow, lol. So, I tried my asprin mask the other day, and by force of habit, I didn't just rinse it off lik eI was supposed to, I scrubbed too.... BAD IDEA!! my forehead and nose are are covered in baby scabs... not terribly noticeable, but they're there.

Does anyone else have lip-moisturizing suggestions, or suggestions in general for things I can get in Canada?

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