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Taxes & Taxes


I live in Portugal and I dont know much about taxes (lol). My problem is that I have recently bought some supplements from USA and Yesterday i received a phone call asking me if "i wanted" to pay more 40€ for taxes (100+% of the cost of the supplements) and of course I said no, and I lost 30€..

My question is does any1 know when and in which products you pay taxes (in alfandega (dont know how 2 translate it), I heard it is for deliverys that cost more 22€..

Any1 knows about that stuff?

I would appreciate very much :P


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Sales tax in the US is not that high and you only have to pay it if you live in a state that contains a division or outlet of the company you are purchasing from. You don't like in a state at all, so they won't apply to you. It sounds like you're paying an import tariff imposed by your government. Do you have any idea what kind of tariff protections exist for the product you're ordering? The US government puts all of this information online, and I would imagine that Portugal does the same. I can't help you find it, though, as I don't speak Portuguese and wouldn't be able to navigate the sites.

Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, it sounds like you're paying shipping fees, not taxes. That's the only way giving you a choice of the rate makes any sense. You pay more for expedited shipping, and that's levied entirely by the company.

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First of all thanks for the reply. :)

I agree with the fact that both governments and all the others have published taxes etc. But I already tryed and didnt found lol, but im still searching.

The other thing is that I know that there is the "Alfandegary taxes" that are the taxes you pay for importing I think.. but Ill continue my search and post the news :) thanks bro.


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