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i have no idea about this

the only thing ive ever heard about are injections to kill the infection inside the cyst

ive never heard about them "extracting" it

i dont advise at ALL

your pretty much bound to make it worse in my opinion.

but then again thats my OPINION and opinion only

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I would never try to do that at home.

simple answer.

You are likely to create a worse situation and spread the infection.

besides, when a derm injects a cyst he is injecting a corticosteroid and/or antibiotic to actually heal the pimple.

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Debo said:


Wow that sounds like a bad idea (and I would also say a sick thing to do - one should never do such a thing with a needle when you are not a doctor!)

Sorry about the hard work but thats my opinion


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to tell you the truth, popping them improves the healing time, and reduces the appearance of the redmarks it will leave.

of course, this is to someone who don't use medications and products such as BP that leaves my skin vulnerable to damages. (with BP, when I popped, scars appeared)

was an acne sufferer for about 5 years. now, about 98% clear, but with red marks. wanna know how? read my thread. it's in here in the General Forum, the one with 40,000+ views :D

it will open your mind.

have fun

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