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Ok, so i have to say i don't have bad acne but i think that i would look alot better without the stuff i have right now. I would like to know if anyone knows of a good coverage foundation and something that would help with my acne that's afordable. I also have acne scars, from when i tried to fix the problem myself, which left some holes, that ended scarring really bad, and i have no clue what to do.

PLEASE :pray::pray::pray: help me out. I'm stck on what else to do :wall:


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A few questions:

Do you currently have a regime?

Have you tried the CSR? If not see the main page and watch Dan paste up carefully and follow carefully.

What products do you currently use?

I presume you have moderate acne since it's in this forum.

lemme know.

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yeah i have read all that and printed it out and stuff. I use a mixture of things . but i am recently mostly using uh.. a nutrogena line it works, but i have really bad scars from when i used to pop all of them... i know found that iot makes it worse! i am also using something from uh...arbonne or something like that. But yeah i think that's about it.... except i dont have a regime or what ever that is lol .

thanks for your comment

breann :D

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