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I've looked at the gallery of before and after photos, and I am not one to judge who has bad acne because it wouldn't be right. Because ANY acne is bad.

But I had a few questions for those (on Accutane) whose acne covered their entire face with barely any visible clear skin..

1. Were you able to tell if you HAD an initial breakout?

2. Did you clear up dramatically before you had an initial breakout (hence the reason you were able to tell you were having IB)

3. How long till you were able to SEE visibly clear skin?

4. Who seems to clear up faster, those with nodular, cystic acne or those without?

5. Do you notice that one side of your face is worse than the other? Do you have any idea why? (sorry two in one questions)

The reason I'm asking is because my sons face is covered with cystic and nodular acne and small pimples. The pimples seem to be clearing up but the nodules and cyst are still there.


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I'm going to move this to the Prescription Medication forum where alot of our Accutane users hang out. I think you'll get more responses there.

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Thank you.. sorry I posted in the wrong place. I really would like to see someone answer but I'm beginning to lose hope.

I know I don't have the acne, it's my son that does. This is the only forum I've found that had some answers I was looking for. I was so hopeful when I found this place, thinking I could ask questions and maybe answer some if I knew the answer to them.

My heart aches for him everyday and I am just looking for answers to my questions and hopefully one day I can also help someone else.

I'm just learning about this new medication (to us) and it's side effects and I have great concerns.

I also run a forum for Crohn's Disease and it's for sufferers and their families also. The members always are so courteous and helpful to the families that support the folks with the disease. I was hoping for the same support for the acne my son has, here.


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