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I've just been prescribed Zineryt and i was wondering if anyone else has tried this before? If so how well did it work for you? I'm using this as an alternative to Dalacin T which the bacteria became immune to so fingers crossed this one works!

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It worked for me for a long time, not drying but caused a slightly "wet" look to the face. Seemed to prevent the skin producing too much oil. However I gave up because it tastes horrible when someone kisses you and bp is just as (if not more) effective anyway.

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It sounds good to me although its a bit strange that it expires pretty fast. I'm meant to get a new bottle after 5 weeks because it expires. I've just put on my first coating and it stung a bit but its gradually dying down. I was wondering whether to moisturise because it does seem pretty drying....would i moisturise before or after application?

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I've been using this zineryt for about 4 months now...

All i used was zineryt and St Ives apricot blemish fighting scrub which included salilcyic acid...

well the resutls?

Whenever i put the zineryt on it would make my skin feel greasy and i swear it caused inflamation.

It worked amazingly when i reached about 3 and a half months but now its gone downhill..

i seem to have returned to my face's previous state.

I was basically clear at one point, but i'm immune now.

Does anyone have any tips for what i should get prescribed next?

my friend says the oral supplements that you can get prescribed work a charm.

I noticed her face become spot free because once it was pretty bad, but wow. she's so good looking now.

I want it

anyways, any tips?

p.s. i am not trying accutane, i have moderate acne. and well, its not worth the risk.

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tetralysal is one that used to work pretty well for me, and is easy and very safe to get prescribed in the UK, give that one a bash!!

You should also look into home light therapy, it's as effective as accutane with absolutely NO sides.

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