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oh shit. Pregnant on differin

Oh my holy shit!Im pregnant which would be really good news except that ive been using differin. OH god im so scared i hurt the baby. and before everyone lectures me let me say that after two surgeries and two years of trying to get prego we were told i could not get pregnant naturally. In fact my husband made me take a second test just to be sure.I just started differin about 6 weeks ago and we were planning on starting in vitro in sept. I figured id clear my clogged pores as long as i had the time. Holy shit i cannot stop smiling but then im overwhelmed by fear. How freakin ironic that after years of safe treatment, i get pregnant while on a retinoid. does anyone know anyone who had this same scenerio? I mean how likely is it that it enters the bloodstream? not much right? im only like three weeks. ahhhhhh. I cant wait to call the derm (and gynie for that matter).ugh i have had nothing but trouble and stress since i started differin. I think i hate differin.....

since im here, does anyone have any suggestions for treating my acne now? im a full on treater. I usually treat my whole face, so i can only imagine what i will look like after a couple days off treatment. any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

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• Differin topical is the FDA pregnancy category C. This means that it is not known whether Differin topical will harm an unborn baby. Do not use this medication without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant.

• It is not known whether Differin topical passes into breast milk. Do not use Differin topical without first talking to your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Sounds like you cannot have done that much harm, if any at all. And hopefully you'll be one of those pregnant women whose skin looks amazing.


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Thanks. I cant shut my eyes and i have to work in four hours. i cant believe this and im so excited!!!!!

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