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PLease help me in identifying whatever this is! (pic)

sorry i know these arent the best quality pictures (shitacular webcam is all i have!)

but i really need some input about my skin... i'm broken out right now, in the first picture the biggish red mark (im just going to call them all 'red marks' but i dont know if they acutally are REAL red marks') is acutally a big zit, pracitcally everythign else are these flat red marks - definetly not bumpy, 'ingrained' in my skin is the best way to describe it... (so is this not active acne?)

i'mm really confused about my skin, is it mostly redmarks and thats why im not responding to anything i do for acne?

no derm has really said anything about that to me... but in more recent years (that i'll acutally count that ive had mild-moderate acne) i've only been to two, one i ALWAYS more amkeup to so she never saw my real skin, and the second one i just went to once, she didnt much about it being red marks..



please give me some input on my skin and ANYTHING you think would work for me!

by the way, im not sure if this is the right forum to be posting this in.. if you think another one would be more suitable please tell me!

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a lot of it doesnt look active, pigmentation stuff and red marks. a moisturizer containing AHA might be good for teh stuff that isnt active, which is most of it. that will fade them faster.

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thanks for the reply..

i guess im going to start reading up on products for redmarks and try them out.. see if they clear up my skin.. then i guess i'll know if it was red marks or whatever it is..

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yeah they look like redmarks to me. try breaking open a vitamin e capsule and rubbing the gel on them. it won't cause you to break out more and it fades them pretty quickly, like within a week or two (sometimes faster)

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