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So I've been on 60mg of Sotret for the past 3 months. Sotret is a gel based isotretinoin. I went to fill my fourth month of accutane today and they gave me Claravis. When I opened up the package, it was the powder type of isotretinoin rather then the gel type. WTF gives? I've been having killer results with Sotret...and I mean KILLER results(100% clear in 3 months) and I had moderate-severe acne before I went on tane. Have anyone here used Claravis? How was it? I'm just worried because I was getting perfect results with Sotret...I want to keep up this progress because I'm almost done with my tane course. I would be PISSED if it was less effective then Sotret. HELP!

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I was just worried because accutane really is the MIRACLE drug for me. I had no initial break out, only side effects I really have is dry skin and dry lips. I have PERFECT results with sotret and I'm about to go into my fourth month. I'm just so scared that switching will make me breakout like crazy or something. I just kept getting better and better on sotret and there was not one hitch while on sotret.

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The brand names vs. other secondary names have the same active ingredients, only

the inactive ingredients can be different, its the law. Unless you have some

funky rare allergy to the inactive ingredient, which I highly doubt, you should

notice no difference.

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