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I discovered a makeup recently, that apparently has been around for some time and I'm blown away with it's positive effects on my skin. It's called bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals. I don't go around talking up products unless I am really, really impressed so I was wondering if anyone else has had such positive results from this too. I have been really excited about this makeup and was even thinkin of getting some for my 12 year old when she starts wanting to wear makeup. I also have a friend who has moderate/severe excema (sp?) who I was talking up this makeup to and it turns out she uses it too. She has super sensitive skin and is really picky what she uses so I thought that she really likes it too is good news.

I was discussing sunscreen and makeup with my esthetician and was telling her how I rarely wear makeup for three reasons:

1) It's too much trouble and I like feeling clean, not bogged down by a bunch of makeup,

2) My skin is dryer right now due to all the lasers and other acne treatments I'm doing and,

3) When I do wear makeup, it doesn't look right. No matter what brand or type, It seems to seep into every tiny line or crease to make me look 10 years older. Even though it will somewhat even my skin tone, it doesn't hide active acne well at all and leaves me looking cakey.

She suggested mineral makeup and said that it has spf in it, is actually good for your skin and doesn't cause problems if, by some reason, I didn't wash it off before going to bed. She couldn't remember the name, said she thought there was a brand that started wtih a "B" and I where I could probably get it.

So, I checked it out. Initially, I was dissapointed that it was a powder and that there was no liquid makeup because, I figured, if even the lightest foundations make me look cakey, then a powder is going to be really bad. I almost walked away. But I let the clerk put it on me and I was impressed. I bought some and have been using almost every day since. I still don't wear makeup on a daily basis but I have been wearing it more consistently than I have in years.

Anyway, if anyone wants to know more about it, go to their website at www.bareminerals.com. I actually haven't even looked at their site yet but I'm curious what other products they offer. My friend says she gets hers on Ebay and it's waaaay cheaper so I'm going to look into that option.

So I've had really good luck with this and have been really impressed. Maybe you all will like it too.

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I have looked at Bare Minerals a few times and waver back and forth about trying it. I usually spot cover blemishes with liquid or stick concealer and then seal it with pressed powder. With Bare Minerals, there's no way to spot cover, is there?? I'd think that light powder all over my face would make me look flaky??

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Yes there is a way to spot cover with BMcuz I do it everyday! Yay!

BM are creamy minerals in crushed form, so they seem like "just a powder". I was fooled too.

When you "buff" it onto the skin with a brush, it glides on smoothly like it would a liquid, but w/o the cakey feel. To spot treat, you simply grab your concealer head brush, dab it into the minerals and pat on spots for more concentrated concealing. I actually did not purchase a BM concealer brush b/c those can be expensive (over $20). The Body Shop has one for $13, but I just cleaned my eye shadow brush and used that instead....it still works wonders. trust me, this stuff works!

To avoid the flakies on the skin, you can prep your face with a good moisturizer. I personally use Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel by Clinique. I [sometimes] gently exfoliate my prob areas with a facial brush from The Body Shop($6). It's gentle to the skin, other brushes can be too harsh. THat helps out as well. I did all the above today and had a good face day...no flakes too!

I recommend this make-up. It's so easy to put on. I actually recommend everything I mentioned above. They are all very good products.

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:dance: I love BE! I have rosacea and break uts, too. I have used BE for 4 years and it works perfectly. It just takes practice to learn hoe to apply it, but in a few days, look out! You will be glowing from within!

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