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okay... some of the acne I had on my face is vanishing. now im left withh little scars on my fore head and big brown marks on my chin. Im a young kid in highschool. i really hate having acne and all these scars.. does any body know of a fast way to take these away.?

thank you all

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I hate to be the one to break the news...but fast acting scar removal is almost an oxymorin...there is a scar forum, ppl there may have better advice but some form of laser will probably be nescessary to treat scars

if your talking about marks left behind by acne, well then there is a few more options, but nothin that will be "fast acting"...there are numerous creams, regimens and options scattered throughout this thread and laser is a possibiilty, the route that I am currently undergoing, which has been the only thing for me to show any result on diminishing my marks. my advice is due your homework, try a few things, but unfortunately, this may take awhile to find the right course of action. good luck

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Yea, there isn't anything that will make your acne scars disappear over night. The best thing is time. You can help to speed up the process by exfoliating....there's some person on this site that said rubbing a potato on the area helped....who knows.

But, I usually just let them heal on their own. I don't like putting extra things on my skin. I'd rather have a few scars than try something that makes me break out and gives me even more scars!

Good luck....and don't feel too bad about your skin! It's not the end of the world, even though it can be EXTREMELY frustrating.

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