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My Skin is nearly clear! Ill tell you how!

Its been a while since i have been on acne.org. So sorry for those of you who know me. I have been busy with school and life :doubt: . Anyway.. My skin looks fantastic now :D . After all those medications and face washs.. one day i finally gave up on my cleaning my skin "properly" and just used old spice liquid soap to clean my face and body. And strangley my skin is better from using this ordinary soap instead of neautrogena or clearisil etc. I think these so called unique products hurt my skin instead of help it.. well for me it does and a couple people i know of. I dont break out anymore i just get a few small bumps here and there.. remember rome wasnt built on one day. So quit washing ur skin with these special face washs and use ordinary soap for a while and use a little bit of benzoyl.. i used benzoyl only about three times a week. give it a try it might work. hehe i get out of the shower in 7 minutes now instead of like 20 minutes and i save a lot of money too. I also cut down on masturbation, i used to do it excessivley and i noticed my skin got more oily after masturbating the day before, i dont care if people say if masturbation dosnt affect acne.. in someway i think it does and im not interested in your side of masturbation so dont post stuff about it.

I would be happy to answer any questions.

God Bless

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that's so good to hear

for me, it's not the problem with cleansers

it's the problem with STRESS, happens everytime, i study at uni

so everytime when exam comes around...breakouts!!!

i was trying to stop using BP, but i have no other choice atm but to continue using it until after exams...:'(

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