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My name is Karen Woelki. :X

I was a sufferer of adult acne till I started on these Holistic Natural Pills.

I have had such a success I send out a FREE 5 day supply to any one that asks because I have had such a response from the results

I have sent out 104 samples to date and received 99 orders from people all over the world that had fantastic results like mine.

What do you have to lose, their FREE, NO OBLIGATION, NOTHING TO ORDER or RETURN. Thats how sure I am they work!

If the order is for adolescent acne I will have to speak with a parent, so please include age in Email.

All you do is Email me with a name and addressand age and they will go out in the mail the next day.

I will also send you a link to my web site so you can see the public NASDAQ traded company that you are recieving product from.

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Uh-huh......and you have no vested interest in this business? Your very profile defines yourself as "business owner". You just had "such great success" with these products that you want to help the world and will give away free samples, ending world acne without anybody needing to send you one penny, and awaiting your eventual Nobel Prize award.

If you're going to spam your useless pills, at least do it in a little more creative way, you know? I mean, just send an e-mail to you, and we'll receive these pills.......what about a web site with testimonials you typed yourself? ? Wow, Nasdaq reports? Why every company listed on Nasdaq is a legitimate, moral, law-abiding member of the American community, isn't it?

I must ask for forgiveness for being a jerk, but can we stop with spammers thinly veiling their attempts to make a buck by going under the guise of "Wow, this worked for me?" Nobody believes your tripe and if amazes me with how people can live with themselves for trying to con people(I guess while sleeping in their condo on Malibu beach.)

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Oops, saw your web site! Never mind about that part of my monologue.....ah, a work from home opportunity! Always a great, legitimate way to make money! Pawn off crap products on people, then try to make a mindless follower of said products by becoming a multi-level marketing scam distributor......so you bought into the hype now, and are spamming every sight, desperate to earn back your initial investment, aren't we??

Karen, Karen....either you've foolishly bought into the "work from home" ideal and are desperate or you've managed to make a dishonest, obnoxious living off of your pills........

And your command of the English language won't help convince anybody. :X

Man, I'm really cranky today.....

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I posted this on the Regimen board about snail goo for acne, but is is just as apropos here, particularly with regard to a pyramid scheme touting mail order "Natural and Holistic" pills . . .

What I am more sick of than the "________ for acne" posts from the curious, desperate or confused are the people or companies (most of all, but not limited to the major drug and cosmetics companies) who are looking to make loads of $$$ off of the desperation of people with acne. It's like we're sitting ducks, willing to try anything, as evidenced by the collective hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on ineffective treatments by the folks posting on this board. The amount of $$ spent on cosmetics and creams I have in my medicine cabinet alone rivals the GDP of a small nation. Not to mention the unquantifiable amount of psychic pain experienced each time an acne sufferer tries another "miracle cure", only to wake up in the morning still in the same old spotty skin.

Kudos for those voices of reason here on the board who are looking out for the more impressionable . . . .

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i received an email from karen.. heh! get the heck away with your pills and stop bothering us.. we don't need the kinds of you who will use people's weaknesses just to promote their blahs about internet marketing..

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Might want to take away the e-mail feature as part of your profile, tuce. I figure if you want to contact me, I'm willing on IM anytime. Showing your e-mail account leaves you open to possible viruses and almost just as bad, spammers like that. Damn, how obnoxious can a person get......???

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Yes, you can keep your email... just don't open suspicious mail with out a virus program installed on your computer.

You can find them for free, but Im not here to promote Warez.

Plus why are all you knocking this person? I see nowhere in her post that she is trying to sell you something right away, she is giving away free samples all you have to do is email her if you don't want it don't ask for it, if you wanna try it then do it, if it doesnt work in 5-days (which I think is farfetched) then you have lost nothing, no money so no big deal.

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if it doesnt work in 5-days (which I think is farfetched) then you have lost nothing, no money so no big deal.

Well, that's just the problem, Sierra. No acne medication ever works that quickly, not when acne takes weeks to develop. For a person to actually make a valid judgement as to whether this stuff works, you actually have to buy some of it.

The idea that if you are a teenager with acne, please state your age in your e-mail that you're getting parental consent, also bothered me. How hard is to type that you're 21 when you're actually 13 and that your parents actually know what you're doing? Seems like this is used more as a safeguard for possible legal concens. Funny, I always grew up being taught never to take candy from strangers.....why disregard this advice now?

I'm not personally attacking Karen here, and if I gave the impression, then I must apologize. What I am attacking is using this forum to promote personal gain. Many web-sites forbid such practices, for better or worse. I think most of us are mature enough to discern what is legit or not, but we have seen evidence on this site of people buying into acne treatments which have questionable value. I think it's bad enough where we are bombarded with advertising when we drive, when we go on our computer, now even when we watch a sporting event or a movie. But now message boards, where great discussions with interesting people I otherwise would not find without the Internet, are interrupted by people coming onto to promoting B.S.....I find it tiresome and nobody likes it. I just feel the need to speak out against it because that's just me.

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You are definately right, this is not the place to be advertising products. It's not fair and it is plain ignorant.

Any product that claims to work that quickly (even a little bit) is kinda ridiculous, I never tried the stuff... don't plan to but like BBQ said acne takes weeks to develop and something that clears you up in 5 days is either quite the amazing product, or a big fat lie.

Hey if it helped you Karen thats great but honestly after five days I don't see any product out there for acne that works that quickly, most of them don't work at all.

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Hello it's me again. I have been keeping up with the post going on and I just want to state that I never said I had a cure nor said that I was going to clear up your entire acne problem or that it worked for everyone with all types of acne.

What I said was Acne Relief. Relief is what I found from it. I started getting what appeared to be welts all over my jaw line, neck and back. They werent like pimples, I never even thought acne for the fact that I never broke out as a teenager. I thought this was everything from a food allergy to some kind of poisioning from mold that might have been in the house. I finally went to a Doctor and was told it was Adult Acne. I did not go the Pharmacy route only for lack of insurance. I started taking these pills that were given to me by a friend. I saw a big enough difference in 5 days that I ordered them, and thats all I tried to do here. If you saw a difference, a little relief, then great order them. If you didnt then no harm done, yes disapointing but no harm. As I said I have been on the other end of the whole free sample thing of pay first refund later and just tried to put my money where my mouth was. Show results first take orders after.

And as far as desperation, I do know what it feels like. I had these welts that makeup couldnt even cover, my family started to ask if something was wrong with me, it was very hard. Besides being unsightly I felt that people were looking at me like I had a disease with all these clusters of welts, it was bad.

So again, I am not promising miracles or a cure just a relief. I still breakout here and there but nothing like I had. I have listed the ingrediants so you can clearly see if you look into herbs what effect this has on the skin so that maybe it will make alittle more sense.

LYSINE, VITAMIN C (AS ASCORBIC ACID), VITAMIN E (AS d-ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL), PANTOTHENIC ACID (AS CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE), BORAGE OIL (ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED), FLAXSEED OIL (HIGH-LIGNIN, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED), PROLINE, GREEN TEA EXTRACT (CAMELLIA SINENSIS HUNT) (LEAVES), GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (VITIS VINIFERA L) (SEED). The concept is inner nutrients that support outer skin health with borage oil, flax oil, antioxidant-rich green tea and grape seed extracts, as well as vitamins, phytonutrients, and amino acids. The skin receives essential nutrients from within to support optimal skin structure and function. Because the skin doesn't exist in isolation from the rest of your body whatever you put in will show on the outside. With these nutrients ( that you can very well find at a good health food store) and a sensible diet and lots of water this is a common relief not magic. Ask any Dr. you might be seeing if this makes sense, they are made by Dr. Myron Wentz a cellular biologist (the same man who holds the US patient on the Epstien Barr test kit for hospitals) 5 of the vitamins my company makes are listed in the 2002 Physicans Desk Reference, Usana is the nutritional supplier of the US & Candian Olympic Speed Skating Team since 1998 and the WNBA Utah Starzz. To avoid further attacks this is not a sales pitch I am just stating that these are pills that were made to produce results. I offered them free to try to show that I believed in what I was stating if I offended everyone I am sorry that was not my intention.

Thanks Again for letting me defend my position

Karen Woelki

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I've been reading these posts every now and then. Personnally I think you worded the original post wrong. Don't forget, your dealing with people who have seen so-called 'miracle cures' (including myself), and the original post sounds just like an advert. If you had wanted people to take you seriously, then you should have suggested this treatment, not shouted about it.

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There's a lot of truth in what USANAbymail is saying - vitamin supplements can help acne.

However, everyone has different needs, so one pill isn't going to work for everyone.

You're better off doing your own research - there are loads of books about vitamins and supplements (I can recommend one -see most of my other posts if you're interested in its name).

It's worth bearing in mind that you may be able to get all the vits and mins you need by making dietry changes. But again, you have to know what you're doing.

Take away the trial and error, buy a good book on the subject of nutrition and work out what you need.

BTW - before anyone suggests it, I'm in no way financially linked to the book I keep banging on about. I just think it's a superb resource and am trying to do my bit for you guys.

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:( I agree with the helpful chap that vitamins, minerals and herbs can all help in your cure for acne. It has to be from the inside out - all the topicals in the world cannot do it for long. I think diet and lots of water help too. Just research it - I found the idea for the niacinimide cream on a link to the acne.org website, and it worked for me, my only topical I use now. But you all should do your research and find out what works for you, I found getting a naturopath to help narrowed my options and I spent less money on all these things to try that were costly.

Will post results in future weeks just to be honest about my results, but like was said earlier on this thread, pimples take a few weeks to form and come out, and if my pimples coming out a few weeks ago was any indicator, boy, they were doozies! But now they are gone, gone, gone and pores tighter, oil production down, and I am optimistic, hopefully, about being done with the worst acne of my life at 23!

Much love to you all,


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