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So yeah, I have this hypertrophic scar on my left cheek. And I have left it alone for a long ass time thinking it might go down on it's own since it's still red. I remember though one time in the past, I got it to flatten out a little bit by accident. I had used AHA on my face, and I exfoliated afterwards.

So last night I got really upset, and I was already upset because it wasn't working again like I wanted it too (my scar wasn't flattening out) so I started picking at it, trying to scratch it off, it was bleeding but it wasn't getting flatter so I started exfoliating really hard and now there's a big dark brown patch of skin surrounding the scar which is bright red.

I've been putting neosporin and ice on it. Anything else I can do? I've been sleeping all day, and I haven't left my house at all in a really long time. And I think i'm starting to get sick from sleeping so much. My head feels so dizzy, and my face just keeps getting wore.

I wish I would just die already.

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You must try to stop thinking so negatively. Death is the cowards way out, and I dont think you are a coward. There must be some good things or good people in your life. Try to focus on them and less on your skin and you would feel much better.

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awww kanmi, i'm sending you a million cyber hugs right now!!

it seems like you're at your breaking point. try to calm down first...make yourself some tea and curl up and watch a good disney movie.

i know it's hard, i really do. i'm right where you are. my skin was so clear for a long time, and now i can't even look in the mirror. i was just getting used to having a life, and now that's not even an option. but we'll both get through this. i don't know when, but i promise you we will.

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This is probably going to sound stupid, but it literally hurts to read some of the posts in this forum because I understand what people are going through.

I wish there was some quick cure that could solve everything but there isn't. You just have to work through it. Easier said than done I know, but it's all you can do.

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I feel your pain. It sucks when you can't leave the house because your afraid of what other people may think of you. But don't be afraid, because you only live once and acne cant stop the way you live your life only u can if you chose to give in to acne. So just be strong and forget about acne.

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Thank you everyone so much for your supportive and kind replies.

I've finally stopped crying .. i'm going to wake up early tomorrow and see if my dermatologist can squeeze me in to see if he can prescribe me some good ointment.

And it isn't that i'm just afraid to leave my house, but my face hurts so incredibly much.

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Speaking from personal experience, you can only do so much to help the acne and scars you already have, BUT you can prevent yourself from getting worse, just leave what you already have alone.

It's simple but hard to do, I know.

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