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Searched this on google and a few articles came up. I actually think radiation could cause acne.

Computers and TVs produce radiation so watching TV too long and playing or whatever you do on the computer could cause acne. It kind of makes sense I mean most people who have acne seem to like computers. Most peoples acne is better in the summer, possibly because they watch less tele and spend less time on the PC because its nicer outside? Could also be another reason who tribes and that don't get acne and less developed countries.

Be interesting to see if anyone goes a week without going on the computer and see if their skin gets any better. I personally are not going to have my TV and computer on the same time anymore.

I don't think this is the only cause of acne but I think it might be a major cause of it.

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Do realize that TV/Computer only give us 0.0001 microsievert (mSv) per hour, while our bodies give off 0.7 mSv/year just from the heat energy released, and the earth itself gives off 3mSv yearly, and sky drop outs also gives us 2mSv/year.

0.0001 mSv isn't a lot, even if u sit 5hrs in front of the TV/Computer every day.. That's still only like 0.2 mSv every year. Compared to the average radiation we're exposed to yearly (6mSv), this is under 4%, which is almost nothing.. Humans don't get sick from radiation unless it is over 200 mSv which is a long way to go..

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My mom is paranoid that I have acne because of radation. I am now forced to put on some radiation protector crap on my computer screen. I really don't think it makes a difference though but doesn't hurt to try !

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i can't believe this is such a small topic of discussion. The above "radiation" sources are the wrong source to focus on. Poster above is correct there isn't much emitted from it. 

The radiation I am talking about is Cellular and Wi-Fi microwave frequency radiation . 2.45Ghz, 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, CDMA, GSM, these are key words and follow it up with DNA break, biological effects, health effects. many peer reviewed studies done showing cellular effects. 

Now lets bring this back to acne.. Jawline cystic acne based off face mapping is hormonal. with enough RF signal radiation blasted to the body regularly, is it possible the body can only take so much before it can't recover and that results in hormonal imbalances? 

Personally I have tested this and can say after reducing/eliminating my nighttime exposure to RF radiation, my acne has SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED. I'm talking getting 1-3 new whiteheads a day to 1-3 a week.. I had a clear face before moving to this cell tower radiated room and started getting this after a year or 2.. moved back to the old room and symptoms got much better. 


melatonin production has been shown to be affected by wifi signal. you need ample melatonin at night to recover.. another theory . think about it people! 


apologies for grammar. may this rabbit hole benefit you and awaken you from the matrix.. 


I forgot to add, you can't tell/feel EMF so you need to buy a meter..

Acoustimeter (expensive, i have)

Acousticom 2 (less expensive, prob worth it)

Cornet (dont have, but lots of features)

Advanced GQ 390 (i have, cheap, but does the job..)

furthermore, when 5G tech comes out, meters will cost 10K, so average people wont be able to tell when they are getting exposed to 5G.. think about that.

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Acne was around in the days before TV and computers became so common. There are studies dating back to the 1930's, etc. Hell, the use of probiotics to treat the condition go that far back. It is nothing new. Don't think too hard on this one.


Aside from the advent of Accutane and maybe a few other things, for the most part we are at a standstill with acne and the treatment strategies we use today differ little from the ones used nearly a century ago. Though doctors in those days appeared to be ahead of their time in noticing a dietary connection to acne.


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