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It sucks to even have to be in this forums ... cause that means that we are suffering with acne. SIGH! It makes me so depressed jsut thinking about it. In retrospect, I am glad that this is here because we are able to help and support one another.. and give advice! I think it's great.. and encouraging.

OKay so my story. I've starting breaking out in the 7th grade, around when I was 13. But it didn't get serious until I was a freshman in high school. I was so depressed to the point where I cried everytime I looked in the mirror cause I hated my face.. makeup couldn't cover it.. my mom laways told me that it would go away eventually .... !!! I felt like she didn't care and didn't understand me! I wouldn't go anywhere, I wouldn't hang out with my friends... I never looked at people in the eye cause I kept trying to get them to look at something else OTHER Than my face.. and it's been like this since the 9th grade in high school. I currently finished my freshman year of COLLEGE ... so I've had to suffer with this for 5 years. ALL of my middle school year, HIGH SCHOOL.... and even my first year of college in New York city.

I had tried: Benzaclin (spelling?) Differin - Minocycline - Tetracycline - Cleocin - Benzol Peroxide wipes - microdermabrasions - Shiseido pureness line - Proactiv - Murad - herbal tea & drinks - Mario Badescu acne line - and birth control: Orthotricycline.

It's been a year since my last dermatologist appointment cause I just gave up. I didn't want to spend anymore money or time... I kept getting my hopes up. (WHICH SUCKED BIG TIME) I have a dermatologist appointment this FRIDAY and I am going to ask about accutane.

I REALLY REALLY HOPE the dermatologist prescribes it to me. I don't have one set derm. I've been to different ones each visit. Anyhow, I'm really encouraged my hearing everyone's success stories with accutane but I'm REALLY scared that it might not work for me......

I have a question though. Some people say accutane cures it.. but then acne comes back and they go on it again. How bad does your acne have to be in order to be able to go on accutane?

Thanks for reading, <3

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It seems to me that it totally depends on your derm., I've seen Accutane prescribed for people with mild acne but I guess you need to try to talk him/her into it. Tbh from your post it looks like you have tried everything else including antibiotics so Accutane would be the next step, I'm in two minds about weather to just leave any medication behind or do Accutane, I'm seeing my GP next week and if I choose Accutane I will pretty much demand to be put on it and I think you should do the same if they try to persuade to try other stuff. The way I look at it is you pay for it through healthy insurance or what not, you should be entitled to have it. It seems to work for the majority of people so goodluck :).

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hang in there an be strong

its true (i guess) that being on these boards means you suffer from acne.

but you wont be on these boards forever.

coz you wil sort acne out either through treatment or simply grow out of it!

and then your name wil be a ghost while the new ones come and go with their problems that they however resolve!

these boards are a blessing IMO.

a place 2 talk about your skin and people understand and listen. unlike the real world.

hang in there and hopefully we will hear an update on how it went!

hope it went well!

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I feel your pain. Accutane was great for me. But, I still have had a couple of nasty breakouts following the treatment. The first year, I was totally spot free and now I have one big breakout annually. So, not sure about others experience, but it wasn't an absolute cure for me. Although, overall, my skin is much better following accutane. I should have really gotten on it sooner because I am left with some bad scarring from my pre-accutane cystic acne days. Wish you the best with it. I say try it, the sooner, the better.

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