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Hello all, I'm a Regimen noob!

I found acne.org just today but have read it cover to cover :)

I'm 20 and I've had acne for 4 years now, and it has gone through stages of getting worse, then getting better.. before it used to be a bit frustrting, but now its downright annoying in my second year of UNI. I dread to think of graduating, trying to get a job and having my face covered in acne. :wall:

I have tried EVERYTHING... except Dan's regimen it seems

Antibiotics, differin, Laser Treatment, Chinese herbal treatment... tried all, and had different results but no where near as much as I'd hoped.

The CSR is realy the last thing I try before goig on accutane... I hate the idea of taking accutane, but not as much as I dislike having acne.

So I just ordered Dan's BP, and SIMPLE Hydrating Light Moisturiser , and I use an organic anti-bacterial soap.

Anyone had experience with this kind of combo?

Also, I tend to suffer with tiny, but painful spots on my jaw line and neck.. especially after shaving. I hate shaving but I think its something I have to do to keep the skin clear.

Any reccomendations for a shaving foam in the UK?



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woaaaaa another UK'er

my specialty :D

ok ok uve got dans CSR Gel

i suggest this wash from boots: http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1068281

and this moisturiser : http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1029095

i stil use the moisturiser as its the BEST in the uk.

no joke

and the wash is perfect

but im currently using the new CSR CLeanser that isnt out jus yet for you guys but it wil be ever so soon!

hope that helps brother

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i found the Simple moisturisers broke me out.

thats me though, may be okie dokie for you.

Hope all goes well for you and stick with the regimen for a while as it takes sometime for results to be seen. Initial breakouts will be seen but they will be cleared up in like a couple of weeks

good luck

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Hmm I hope this isn't a fluke but face has cleared up dramatically in a week. :think:

I made the mistake of putting the BP too close to my eyes, and they went all wrinkled :wall:

I have 2 of large white heads on 1 side of my face, but its definatly better.

Anyway so far its going ok, I will keep up with the CSR and hope it gets better and better. :razz:

My face has a habit of going exceptionally clear for about 3 days then breakouts for a month. :shock:


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remember to hang tight if your skin goes a bit downhill

mine did an i HATED applying bp coz i thought

"pointless if im gonna break out"

but its worth it man.

you wil clear up in time

usually takes 1-2 months to see proper improvement in your skin with a more solid "ive not had a pimple in 2weeks" sorta lifestyle hehe

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