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Anyone out there have any remedies or advice for speeding up the healing process?

I am really desperate. I am going on a big trip to see many old friends in 14 days. I just went through a month cycle of one of my worst breakouts every. I have been really depressed about. About a week ago, things finally calmed down. However, I have just 2 weeks to help my skin look somewhat normal. Right now, I have dry patches from using too much clearasil ultra. I have some spots that are healing with a big scabs. Some have just letfover red marks.

Help! I have tried Eucerin with 5% urea every night along with neosporin, but it doesn't seem to be moving things along very fast. I also have tried to get some sun after work every night just to speed it up too. Nothing, seems to be working fast enough.

I value your input!

Thanks in advance!

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So, I tried at first neosporin, but it did not seem to diminish the red marks. I tried putting this on the old spots every night before bed. But, it seemed like my skin couldn't breath under the heavy neosporin ointment to enable it to generate new skin cells fast. So my report on the neosporin was not much improvement on diminishing red marks/speeding up healing fast.

Hence, I have one week to go before my big trip, so I bought a new face wash with a scrub in it to help exfoliate to move the skin renewal process along. Because right now, I have no new spots, just trying to repair all the damage this major breakout left behind. So, I just bought Neutogrena's extra gentle face scrub for acne. Then, I went totally crazy and tried Dr. Hauschka's rejuvenating mask. Along, with buying a B-complex, which the woman at the health food store recommended for skin and speeding up the healing process.

Oh, and I am just trying to drink lots of water.

Will keep you posted on my progress. It is all just very frustrating, not to mention expensive to continuously try new products in hopes of curing this seemingly incurable illness (acne).


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