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Compare Topical Meds

Just wanted to do a questionaaire thing about topicals for personal interest but also to any newbies, or people that wanted to know about other topicals if BP isnt working for them.

Post your skin type:

Post your acne condition before treatment

Post experiences when first using the topical

Later experiences/reaction/side effects/improvements

Time span from first using the topical to your skin beginning to clear up.

How many times you apply your med.

OTC or Presciption.

Do you like the med, state your reason for your answer.

you can add more Q's but i thhought that was enough.

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thats what i looked like before *scroll down to me*

i used a topical 4% BP at the start of my regimen. i started it on a friday, by the monday it had zapped my spots totally an i was pretty clear!

however i hadnt been on the .org so i didnt know i had to moisturise etc.

by the end of that week my skin was flaking BIGTIME.

by the end of the week after i had larger acne back on my face due to excessive dry skin and therefore totally clogged pores. (plus my skin was producing more sebum to combat the dryness)

so i searched frantically for a cure online

acne.org was what i found

i read and read and felt so much hope in dans words.

i started instantly with a moisturiser and a face wash by clearasil

it sorta worked and my face was better

but my wash wasnt a good one (it was an exfoliator)

and my moisturiser was e45 Cream which was very greasy

anyway i read more and more and ordered dans CSR gel and the eucerin moisturiser

instantly i saw a result

my skin was better within a week and a LOT less greasy

plus the change from 4% bp to 2.5% was awesome for my skin

then i continued to clear.

weeks turned into months and here i am now

alright i got a bit of a breakout but its from excessive stress and sun exposure recently

and this "breakout" is nothing compared to what it used to be

the pimples are very small in comparison.

my advice is to hang in there with the CSR regimen.

ive been on for almost 6months soon and its NOT A CURE

it simply helps to keep acne at bay!

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