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Severe stubbon shoulder red marks

At the moment I don't have much active acne on my shoulders, chest, upper and lower back but I do have *a lot* of red marks in all these places. My biggest problem is most of the products I need or have heard of are only avaliable in the US. I don't have the money for any of these currently. I'm not quite sure of the type of acne it is but I know that I've had most of the marks there for anywhere between 3 months - 2 years (I'm 17).

Some are raised and feel like they are filled with hard rubber, almost cement. Now the vast majority of these were caused from me picking and poping them all the time, back before I knew about the effects. I've tried scrubbing hard for exfoliation, which seems to show results for a day and then more harsher acne comes to the surface in places there was none before. Lately I've just been showering with St. Ives Apricot exfoliating body wash with jojoba beads. Thats about all I do for my body acne. Lately I've been extra gentle when using it and looking now the marks are not as red as normal and there seems to be a bit less. I have a feeling salt baths would work well but I only have a shower.

A couple of months ago I tried the neutrogena body wash and liked it, but havn't been able to get it anymore locally or even online anywhere in Australia (can't afford the large shipping costs from the US). I've even tried vinegar but I dislike it. It will probally work but I'll just see if theres anything else first. I'll post up some pics later. One thing though is that I really don't want to have to do another regimen just for my back everyday (such as the regimen Dan suggested) because of the extra time it would take, but also the cost.

I'm going to a derm in a couple of weeks should I enquire about peels ect.?

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i've tried peels, but when you stop

more acne comes back

so i don't recommend it

atm, i use one of those large showering brush (with synthetic hairs) to wash my back, and after a couple of months, there seems to be a reduction in the red marks

someone also suggested using aloe vera gel on it, so i just started last week, not much effects atm, but i will keep using it for longer

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