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strange acne cycles...

Hi everyone. Ive been getting acne for the past 3 years. However it always seems to occur in these strange cycles which never change. My breakouts begin in early March of every year and then for the next four months i have to put up with moderate acne on either my chin or forehead (never both). In late June-early July my breakouts just completely stop. Seriously, for the next eight months i probably only get one or two isolated pimples and that's it. This period is absolute bliss. I can eat as much junk food and drink as much alcohol as i like and i never breakout. However, just when i'm starting to take beautiful clear skin for granted, March comes around again and that mother-fucker named acne comes back to piss me off for the next four months. For the last three years, this cycle has never changed-acne from March to July-perfect clear skin and virtually no pimples fom July back through to march. Duz anyone else experience strange cycles like this? Or duz anyone know why this occurs? i'd be really interested to know!


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Thats me exactly!!!!! i decided to stay on minocycline and have been taking spirolactone. So far *knock on wood* so good with the season change. we shall see. This past 7 months have been pretty good.

for me last year it was March and then august. So far i've missed the march portion. we'll see if the august one stops too.... *hopes!*

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