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Give me a hand on this pls..


Im 18 years old and I have acne for about 4 years.. ya.. thats a long period that its almost cut from our lifes... but we have to deal with it! thats why im asking you guys some opinions|ideias about how to trat my acne.

Tbt I dont know almost anything about the terms around this treat and plz dont include any f them in your replys so I dont have to bother you again :P

My last try at the dermatologist (dont know how to write it :P, Portuguese). he gave me this treatment:


Wash with Effaklar (La roche-posay), then apply some moisturizer; and then SPF 25


Apply once or twice "Zineryt" (zinc, etc).


Wash with ketopan then alternate with "Differin Gel 0.11"\"Neostrata Silicilic Gel"


thats my program but it isnt working very well.. I have mild acne, and my skin tone is around pink and the most strange thing is that in the summer (bah just in the summer ffs) i dont have any acne sign, not just one breakout.

I started to take "CENTRUM" multivitamins with zinc since I heard it was good for the acne, and I heard vitamin B5 but never tried, maybe Im a bit "scared"..

I recentrly bought some olive supplements because I heard they were good for the stress and since Im usually stressed maybe this will help a bit..

Another thing is that I never had acne in my chest and now i have like 10 breakouts, and I dont know where the hell they come from, but one thing im sure they will all get out in the summer, and Im desperate to find a way that "equalizes" my organism to whatever it turns on the summer so I dont get acne anymore...

Any suggestions for the pink skin tone, and take off my acne?

Million dollar question right? ya.. any suggestions I would really appreciate, speccially around what food are good and bad for health\acne and supplements that I should take (pls specify MG etc because i dont know anything about it)

I head about ZenMed products too but I searched around this forum and ppl hates it and dont recommend it, what about the "regiment" .. PLZ HELP!

Your Portuguese friend,


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Have you tried the regimen on this site - Dan's Regimen?

It has worked really well for me, and I have had acne now for over 15 years - it is the only thing that has really helped me.

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when I had acne on my back and chest

pretty bad I used benzoil peroxide at 5% with neutrogena soap for baths

and it worked well.

I cant suggest you to take any medications coz I still have break outs


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I'm using Eurocin gel to treat my face. Face got cleared. Now, I'm trying it on several back acne. Seems to work for me.

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