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Benzoyl Peroxide

Hey. I just registed at this site today, though I've been here a few times in the past. I decided to try the regimen, after several failed combinations of seemingly random prescriptions that some secretary gave me samples of. I checked the site's FAQ, but I was left with a few questions.

What struck my eye when reading the regimen that I had missed before is that the BP isn't washed off. I currently have samples of Triaz, which is 3% BP, but a wash/cleanser. I don't know if it was formulated specifically to be washed off right away, but I was wondering if I can use this as though it weren't a cleanser or if I should buy the gel.

My second question is a rather general one. I know that prescriptions should not be used with the regimen; should I discontinue use of the products that I currently use (fougera, which is 1% clindamycin phosphate gel, and Differin 0.1% adapalene cream)? I am only wondering about possible withdrawal symptoms; it may be paranoia, but I feel that certain chemicals are put in prescriptions to create a need for them so that patients don't stop buying them (thus resulting in the companies losing money). For example, if such is true, acne might become even worse than it was originally before using a product if it is suddenly stopped. If not because of that, I wonder if my skin would be "used to" using the medication instead of its own immune system. (Perhaps I am just thinking too much...)

My last question is another of BP. I have been using it as a wash, but I've never left it in; should I start applying small amounts as if I hadn't used it?

I apologize if I may have missed any answers to these questions, especially if they have been posted time after time again. I did not check previous posts before posting. Thanks in advance for any replies given. I will appreciate any help/advice.

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I'll try to answer your questions.

First, no you can't use a wash and just leave it on. You really need to get a leave-on product.

If you are going to do the CSR, then it calls for a gentle unmedicated cleanser (so that means no bp cleanser) a 2.5% bp leave-on product (either neutrogena on-the-spot or CSR gel) and an oil-free non-comedogenic moisturizer. So yea you would need to discontinue those samples you got.

There is often a flare when beginning any new treatment program, or when switching products. So if you experience a new breakout it won't be unusual.

We usually tell people to give the CSR a dedicated try for around 3 months before judging its effectiveness. It can take awhile to get the problem fully under control, as it is a cycle that needs to be broken.

If you want to give it a try, read through the supplies list and see what you can find in your area.

If you are in the USA, I recommend Purpose bar or Purpose Gentle Cleanser, Dan's CSR gel, and either Neutrogena oil-free moisture or Cetaphil oil-free moisture. If you can find Eucerin Skin Renewal lotion it is really the best one but is disappearing.

Hope this helps.

Holler back if you have any more questions.


oh, and yes do start out with a small amount of bp, since you have never used it as a leave-on product, you'd be wise to go low and slow letting your skin getting used to it.

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Thanks. I live in the US and use Purpose; I'll give the other products a try. I have to break a certain habit, though, and leave my face alone. I've had it since I was 11-12. Will scars eventually go away, or am I stuck with them forever? I mostly mean red circles (I don't think they're the same ones as mentioned on the site, though I'm not sure) and tiny bumps that aren't red.

Oh, this is rather random, but would a fan cause irritation of the skin? Or heat/AC? I know that a fan blowing directly on me tends to worsen acne, but I'm not sure about the others.

Thanks again for helping me. (Normally when I post on forums I get like 20-30 reads but no replies.) ^_^

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I think the redmarks you are referring to are just hyperpigmented areas that are left after a pimple heals. Those should fade in time. There are some things you can use to help them fade quicker, but you should be on the CSR awhile before adding in other factors.

As for fans, I don't think that has any effect on acne really. I don't see how it would really.....hmmmm.

As for breaking a habit and leaving your face alone. I assume you mean picking? Yea, you gotta stop that! That just spreads the acne bacteria and leads to more scarring. I like to tell people that other than applying their morning and evening acne medications, keep your hands off your face at all times!!

Good luck and keep the questions coming as you need to.

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