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Exfoliating while on CSR

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Hmm. It's just that I seem to be getting quite a bit of flakey skin, and without exfoliating, I don't know how to get rid of it :(

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if you mean u got some flakes

i jus get a damp towel and gently rub them off my skin

it works fine aslong as your gentle

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i personally find using a towel doesnt do anything except move them around on my face. i gently rub them with my finger after washing and that gets rid of some then for the rest i gently scrape my fingernail along and it picks up a ton of dead skin every morning and night. i have very short fingernails cause i chew them so maybe if yours are longer that wont work for you.

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Can we exfoliate while on the CSR?

What should I use to exfoliate?

We really don't recommend using scrubs or beads or harsh cloths. That can increase irritation which can increase the acne.

What you can do is let the warm shower water run over your face, then lather up your cleanser in your hands and gently massage that around and concentrate on the flaky areas. The warm water will have softened and loosened the flakes, and you should be able to gently massage them off. Then rinse and you're done.

If by chance that doesn't work, or doesn't work enough, you can consider adding in a moisturizer with a stronger AHA than the Eucerin you are currently using in your signature. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face lotion has a higher concentration of AHA and can really help exfoliate.

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