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Hmm I have mild acne and have one BIG active pimple on my chin, if you can call it pimple. Its very painful and when i try to squeeze nothing comes out, just fluid. I can squeeze on it for 2-3 days and then it will auto dry out. It doesnt come often but are very annoying. I have always wondered what it is, do you know? Have you ever had them?


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ive had cysts on my chin b4 you cannot see anything but they hurts so much if it gets touched .. soemtimes they are a bit red other timnes it doesnt look like anythings there except when u touch it :( ugh they sue to hurt

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Yea don't pop it or squeeze it (unless it has a big nasty, yellow head). You'll only make things worse.

I found that putting some prep H on it can help with the inflammation.

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I'd suggest to put some tea tree oil on it.

Or give a try for "Derma E Clear Skin 2 Spot/ Blemish Treatment."

Its great for active acne, it dries those nasty buggers like that *snaps fingers*,and helps with inflamation due to the pimple..Only spot with it though, more then that is wayy to irriatating, drying for your skin.

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stop messing with it you keep makin it come back by messing with it.if you havn't already you might destroy your pore which can cause permant damage and it will ALWAYS come back.

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