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Hi All

I have been having spots around my lips also. From reading the posts, there doesnt seem to be a pattern. I think it happens to me when my skin is dry. And possibly when i am stressed out or rundown.

For a long time i thought it might be some food i have an intollerance to, and i still think this could be a reason. Can someone please post back if any treatment has helped? Thanks

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I also have, well had, this problem, but switching from my assortment of random chapsticks to plain, original Burt's Bee's has prevented any new ones for a long time :) If you use chapstick, or if you're a girl it could also be any lipgloss or lipstick, then that is probably the cause.

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Oh also to cover them up- if you're a guy you might not want to do this but I guess you could if you really wanted because it looks pretty natural (skipping the lipgloss part).

So what I do is:

- Apply plenty of my Burt's Bee's chapstick (important step or the rest will look weird on dry/chapped lips!)

- Take a little dab of cream foundation on my finger

- dab it right on the pimple thing right where the edge of the lip meets the skin

- blend it a little bit so it looks more normal

Sometimes i also put teeny dabs across the rest of my lips too to make it blend in more (doesnt look strange on me because I have naturally big and dark reddish lips but might look unnatural if you have thin, light lips)

And then:

- I put on some colored lip gloss to make it blend even more :)

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I have experienced this for years. I used to get zits/large whiteheads almost exclusively along my lip line (called the vermillion border). After seeing several dermatologists, I have since successfully treated it. Here is what I did.

I have been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis by several dermatologists. While the cause of this is unknown, it is believed to be associated with SLS, fluoride, peppermint/cinnamon flavoring (i.e. gum and mints), and most importantly, topical steroid creams (i.e. hydrocortisone). While women are predominantly the ones who get this disorder (as they are more incline to use beauty products/hydrocortisone), men experience it too.

I have been prescribed numerous things over the years, ranging from tetracyclines, clindamycin cream, metrogel, etc. The only treatment that ever worked for me was topical Sulfacet-R lotion (10% sulfacetamide/5% sulfur). I apply a thin layer of this lotion/ointment around my mouth/lip line after washing my face every night before bed. I wash it off in the shower the next morning. After several weeks of treatment, the bumps on my lips are no longer whiteheads, and are appearing less frequently.

I don't have any form of Herpes Simplex virus (HSV-1 or 2), and my dermatologist has simply assured me that the cause of my ailment is bacterial (since I never used hydrocortisone before, and he doesn't believe that fluoride or SLS play a role in the cause of the disorder).

My advice to anyone experiencing this is to ask your doctor about Sulfacet-R. It is an old-fashioned, fairly inexpensive topical solution that has had a tremendous effect for me personally. I hope this can help some people.

ALSO, if you sleep on your face, this may also intensify the problem. You may have a tendency to drool on your pillow/around your mouth, which is just spreading bacteria in this area. Force yourself to sleep on your back (sleep with glasses on, if necessary) and see if you don't experience improvement of some kind.

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I am also getting whiteheads on my lipline and some of them becoming pimples. I have noticed this happens to me mostly when using retinoids and my lips are very dry, and have to use lot of chapstick. Maybe I should try the Carmex?

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Hey. This is my first time posting and I kinda searched to see if anybody has mentioned this topic but I guess not? So, once in a while I get pimples on top of my lip and sometimes they border right on my lipline. At times, they're small but they can be huge and painful. They're really noticeable. Personally, I think this is the worst area for acne. I hope people don't think I have STD's or something. I just thought I'd share that since I'm wondering how many others are suffering like this, as well.


Lol, definitely not an STD! :P I get those every once in a while. They are rare for me, but they do happen! Since the weather is changing, and my skin is confused what all this Vitamin D and sunshine is, I am breaking out as a result of climate change and I got a huge under the skin zit on my lip line. I managed to get it to a head by the next day but it was so painful to pop, that my left eye was watering badly when I tried to pop it. So instead of popping it the "wrong" way, I used a steralized pin, poked it from the side, wrapped my fingers in tissue, and put pressure instead of using my fingernails to try and kill as much out of it as possible. Now, as a result of me popping this the normal way, its been 4 days since I actually GOT the zit, day 2 I popped it properly, and now its day 4 and its pretty much gone. It's got a tiny circle that looks like dry skin where it was, but I'll take that over a massive whitehead.

Don't fret about these zits. When you brush your teeth, toothpaste dries them out as well. They should go away fairly fast if you try to irritate them as little as possible. Pop it properly, and with latex gloves on, or wrap tissues around your index fingers, or .. popping fingers? haha Getting rid of them the right way, will decrease bacteria, and reduce the chances of you breaking out more. Because you should know by now, that when you pop a zit without any sterilization, your pretty much spreading the bacteria and causing more potential breakouts for the future.

Hope this helped. :)

And yes, I am one of those unfortunate people who do deal with lip-line pimples once in a while. :(

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I get pimples mostly around my upper lip and chin area. Plus, my upper lip is ALWAYS so dry. It is the driest part of my face. It goes right up to my the base of my nose, too. It's red, and you can see like a border of red, raw skin against my normal skin. If I put makeup over it, my skin flakes and it looks horrible! I have no reason why this could be... I don't put on more BP than I do on any other section of my face. Maybe it's the toothpaste, or that area of the skin is just thinner than the rest of the face?

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