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Getting the Vilcabamba longevity syndrome

The Valley of Vilcabamba has been reputed for it's ideal climate as a place of Longevity. Since the early part of the century, foreign scientists and visitors have come to study the Valley. Their aim has been to research all aspects of the geography,climate,soil and water conditions in the hope of discovering the key to the longevity of it's inhabitants.

Japanese scientists that came to study "los Viejos" (The old Men"), came with a negative ion producing machine. They realized that because the valley is already charged by negative ionization the machine could not produce any effect on the ambiance. This was in part due to the evening electrical storms that grounded on the Mandango. For this reason, the air in Vilcabamba feels so crisp, so clean as after a strong cleansing storm. "The "old men" live many years in Vilcabamba because they breath this pure air that produces a "chelating" effect on their bodies", concluded the Japanese.

Scientists from the U.S. found that the secret to the longevity of the people in the valley was due to the perfect mineral balance found in the drinking water . A well known Gerontologist named Morton Walker wrote in his book that the water produced a "chelating effect". The French felt that the "chelating" effect came from the climate of the Valley. The human metabolism did not have to adjust to extremes in temperature, hence that energy was utilized in the elimination of toxins from the body. A Spanish scientist thought the longevity phenomena was due to the cultivation of the "Yuca Tuber" which assimilated the minerals from the water.

Richard Mazes, a Gerontologist with the University of Wisconsin felt that the age factor was of relative importance. He felt that more important was the fact that these old people had bones of teenagers. This was very unique in the world, it occurred in no other place in the planet, it was scientifically more important than the age these people had.

Articles have appeared in Readers Digest, National Geographic and in other important publications of the world, they all have had their theories about the Longevity of people in the "Sacred Valley" of Vilcabamba. Click for Related Article

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i'm loving these posts. you should make one big superthread full of places throughout the world like this...

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