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You crossed or needled an unscarred pore or another unscarred part of your face?

I have alot of visible pores on my face, alot of them scarred pores/ice picks. However, I think alot of them are just regular pores. If I were to needle them or if I cross the ones that are not scarred, would that make my head explode or anything? jk

seriously though...

would it help fill them anyway?

would it make it worse?

How can you tell which ones are scarred and which ones are regular?

Doesn't having to deal with this suck monkey ass? =P


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Guest tired of this shish

Someone once told me that if you are exceptionally oily in the area, that might be an obvious indication that your pores are just open and not scarred and that you should calm them shut using soothing ointments like Aloe or washing with table salt water. Don't ask, I've never tried this. But I don't think you should screw around with pores especially. They are so much smaller and difficult to treat than a typical cheek scar that you might end up worse than how you started. It is very difficult to help you visualize on how to recognize scarred pores from normal open ones--so it's best not to screw with them with CROSS or needle. Why don't you try a progressive peeler in lower concentrations like a retinoid? I'm using Tazorac .1% and it seems to help my pore size.

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I think if you mess with what are your normally sized pores you are looking for trouble. The thing about nice skin texture is everything is continous, even if the pores are big they are all big so things look continous. If you try to treat your normal pores they will mostlikely end up in all different sizes and that makes for horrible skin texture. My advice treat the damaged ones and leave the normal ones alone.

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I think if pores have enlarged then they're no longer 'normal' pores given by nature. Like Pocket Aces said look at your pores are they all even and regular - the same shape. I have alot of pores on my cheeks and nose and some are twice the size as the others. These are the ones I plan to Needle or Cross.

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