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Hi,i have a sensitive skin an am currently using Palmer's eventone toner.I don't know if it's good or not,but the fancy terms like "added with beta hydroxy,tea tree oil and vitamin E" for commercial purpose really attracts me a lot.So far,i don't know if it's good or not cause i used it before i had acne and after that i'm still using it during my healing process.The smell is very strong.

So my toner : Palmer's eventone toner!

what's yours? any recommendation for sensitive skin?

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The only toner ive ever used has been proactiv toner, so I wouldnt know. Ive actually stopped using it because ive heard the proactiv stuff doesnt do anything and with me personally I seem to break out in small bumps when I use it.

Maybe I do need a toner though? Im not sure.

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Do we actually need a toner if we have active acne?

Toners are not necessary, though can be used provided they are gentle. Many toners contain irritants like alcohol, peppermint, citrus, and menthol, making them problematic for acneic skin (and any skin in general). They don't really shrink pores, though the irritants can temporarily aggravate the pores into looking smaller. If you're looking to diminish pore size, prescription retinoids may help.

Toners can be a great way to lightly hydrate the skin provided they are well-formulated. I use Nivea Visage Moisturizing Toner for this purpose.


Salicylic acid is considered a gentle way to exfoliate within the pores. It can also help improve the appearance of "red marks." However, most toners (and products in general) that contain salicylic acid also contain drying alcohols and other irritants and/or are not pH correct (meaning they have a pH of over 4).

I recommend the Paula's Choice Beta Hydroxy Acid products, which are gentle and pH correct:



Proactive probably irritated your skin because its toner contains witch hazel, which is a problem for many people. It also contains glycolic acid, which certain people are sensitive to.

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