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i finally took my first pill last night- i had a BAD day at work where i got in trouble numeroustimes for nothing that was my fault. but whatever not going to stress it ! i took the pill with fatty food because i have been reading people's journals and it seemed to go down the best. i don't know if i got a headache because of the pill or all my stress at work from angry customers calling about a missing piece of CHEESE. when clearly they did NOT say they wanted the god damn cheese. annoying people of the world ! well i know its early to say that i didn't wake up with anything but i hope i keep saying that ! my face isn't horrible i only have red marks and never got a cyst in my LIFE . when i was reading everyones journals about them i am petrified ! today is a nice day so im going to relax and do absoultly nothing but lounge around :surprised:

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i don't think im going to use this site anymore noone even replies to me and i thought people would all be a big help but it seems noone cares. so WHATEVER

No offense, but having a tantrum isn't the way to start your log. The weather is warming up and the board is quiet. So here is your unofficial welcome to acne.org. Good luck you on your journey with tane. If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

**edit** I see you have two other threads going as well as this one. One for pre-tane and day 1. If you just use one as your log I'm sure you'll get more responses. Just keep adding to ONE thread. Good Luck

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