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Combining Products (BP, SA, retinol)

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I have been on the regimen for almost 2 months now and my skin is looking pretty good. I want to try the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Moisturizer but it contains Salicylic Acid with Retinol. Is there any harm in combining the two products? I know of the additional irritation having BP with Salicylic Acid but any problems with BP and Retinol? Thanks.


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I have tried this moisturizer before and it made me feel very greasy and I have dry skin. Plus after I used it for awhile it brunt my skin and did nothing for my blemishes.

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Combining all these ingredients is potentially very bad for the skin. Maybe using salicylic acid during the day and BP at night is acceptable for your skin, but both of them, along with retinol, at the same time, is just asking for trouble.

Keep in mind, retinol and retinoic acid are not the same thing. The latter is commonly known as Retin-A, which IMO, should be used independent of BP and any other kind of strong medications or exfoliants. Retinol, however, is different.....it's more of wrinkle reducing substance that acts in a different way than retinoic acid and people with young skin (mostly anybody 25 and under), often can't tolerate retinol.

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