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Let's Face It mineral makeup

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Hey everyone,

I'm sorry this topic is posted three times here. I actually posted once in the general section, once in The Lounge and once in the make-up help here, hoping to have a bit more chance at receiving any feedback, but for some reason, they were all moved here.

Well, I decided to order some samples to try. What interests me is that it doesn't seem to contain ingredients that can be irritating and it also contains an SPF, which is important to me too.

I ordered about six different shades of foundation, because I was unsure as to which one might be closest to my tone (I hope at least one matches). I order one veil sample as well. I should be receiving a free brush with it.

I'm not sure how long it will take to receive and I am not very used to applying mineral makeup in general, but I will let you guys know how it is for me in terms of coverage and feel.

If anyone does have feedback on this brand, it would be appreciated.


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Hey everyone.

Just wanted to include something I posted in another thread. It offers a bit more information about the Let's Face It brand.

I had heard of Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals or Bare Escentials more often. There is another brand I discovered the other day called Let's Face It (I actually began a thread about it) that I had not originally heard of before but that seems to have a fairly simple and interesting ingredient list, and also contains an SPF. I think it's also important to look at the order of the ingredients.

Foundation: Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Micronized Zinc Oxide, Sericite Mica, Silica Microspheres, Boron Nitride, 100% Silk Powder, Goji Berry Powder, Iron Oxides (8)

Finishing veil: Sericite Mica, Boron Nitride, Silica Microspheres, 100% Pure Silk Powder, Arrowroot Powder, Iron Oxides/Ultramarine pigments (6)

For a more in depth description of the ingredients, you can click the link below:


What do you guys think?

I ordered samples of foundation and the finishing veil to try. I hope I can find a matching color and good but natural coverage. I wonder if these two products alone are enough for concealing too.

Also, can someone tell me (and sorry if it was answered in one of the pages of this thread), how do you go about cleaning a kabuki or badger brush?

We now have in our mineral makeup 100% PURE SILK POWDER which was anciently treasured for it’s ability to seal in moisture. Silk powder is rich in silk amino acids, including alanine, glycine and serine, which are the building blocks of protein in the skin and are regarded as a part of the natural moisturizing process. Silk also contains natural sun protection and anti-inflammation qualities.

We also have Pure Tibetan Goji Berry Powder in our mineral foundation, blush and bronzers for superior anti-oxidant protection. Why Goji Berries? Goji Berries are legendary for their nutritional value. They are nutrient-dense which means they contain an amazing variety of nutrients. The are known as “the most nutrient-dense food on the planet�. Goji Berries contain 18 kinds of amino acids (more than bee pollen), up to 21 trace minerals and more beta carotene than carrots. They contain 500 times the amount of vitamic C by weight than oranges. Goji berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E. They also contain polysaccharides which strengthen the immune system and slow the aging process thus they are known as the “Anti-Aging Berry�!

We believe the addition of Goji Berry Powder into our mineral makeup is significant due to the fact that approximately 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream.

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It sounds really great! I use Bare Minerals and love it! It too contains SPF. I'd like to try Let's Face it, but how much are the samples?

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I'm glad to hear Bare Minerals is working well for you. :angel:

Each of the samples for the Let's Face It brand are 1 gram and $3,85 each. I'm not sure but it seems like the pricing for this brand might be more expensive than other more well-known ones.

If the color and coverage seem good, I plan to then order the Face Basics Collection in the right shade.

Eloise, do you know how one goes about cleaning the application brush?

*Hmm, I was just looking at the other thread and maybe the pricing is about the same, though with this brand, there is no blush included in the Basics kit, though there are other kits too I believe.

The Face Basics Collection includes one large 12g Foundation, one 12g Mineral Veil and a Foundation Brush, and costs about $60.

With every order, I think you receive a free kabuki brush and make-up bag.

*How much SPF does Bare Minerals contain because I noticed you also use an SPF 25.

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