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Harsh cleansers prolong red marks

Hey, I pretty much just joined the forum and I wanted to share my experience with red post-acne marks and the effects of cleansers. I found that using cleansers containing acne meds like SA, fragrances, tons of preservatives and stuff like that caused the bright red color of my marks to stay around. When I stopped using these cleansers and started using a gentle, more natural cleanser, some of the redness went away within days. I also added more fruit to my diet and the redness improved a little more. The marks turned purplish, then a tan color and have been fading incredibly well with treatment (after a lengthy break from acne meds, I used the aspirin mask for 3 months- best treatment I ever used.)

Cleansers containing acne meds have few benefits anyway, some people swear by them but I've found that for most people, these cleansers do nothing but irritate the skin and strip it of oil- the acne meds won't do anything unless left on the skin for a while a couple times a week (the aspirin mask works because it dissolves into a chemical cousin of SA). Also, drying out your skin slows healing and make you more susceptible to scarring-your facial skin is a naturally oily environment because it is healthiest this way and heals too quickly to scar when it's oily. Additionally, bacteria can get trapped under dry skin, and once the skin is moist again you might break out. One cleanser I used- Clean & Clear for 'acne-prone' skin- was so bad it dried not just my face, but my hands as well. When I switched off it I got the worst breakout I've ever gotten because my skin had been so dry and unhealthy. After my skin calmed down, I started spot-treating with aloe vera gel, using the aspirin mask, and using neosporin on any broken or irritated skin. I have gotten no new red marks in months and my breakouts are minimal.

I hope my advice can help somebody, I strongly believe that getting off harsh cleansers relieves some stubborn redness and allows red mark treatments to work better because the skin is healthier. Good luck!

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