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Update: Continued Support Needed

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So, What happens when you've done numerous tests and even after a bout of accutane you still have pretty bad acne?

What if everything but your high cholesterol comes back as "normal"?

I don't know.

The dr may not be able to put me on a second round now because of my high cholesterol which I never had before.

What's going on?

I was doing some reading today. I didn't know this but apparently cholesterol activates the 5 alpha reductase enzyme in the skin that converts circulating testosterone to the mother of all: DHT.

Good times. So let me get this straight, I don't have excessive testosterone but whatever I have is made into Super testosterone in the skin because of my now cholesterol problem. So, what am I left to ponder or try?

What an uphill battle. So I wonder: What has turned this enzyme on into full -high gear? Maybe transfatty acids? A source of high cholesterol yes. But even so, the altered chemical composition of these fats found in so many consumed foods has simply turned the skin on high gear alert. Fantastic. There's something going on with people out there. Unfortunately, there are so many people with skin problems. Our bodies are trying to tell us something. I just wish I could figure it out.

So, I guess i'm ranting and raving. I don't know what else to say here. My frustration continues.

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Clearly I have undiagnosed syndrome X. I don't know what else to say. Acne can occur for so many reasons. They can't decipher the reasons because the tests aren't sensitive enough so they term it one skin disease and use the same stock of medications instead of individually treating the problem. It's not my fault that I was born at a time in history when the field of medicine is more interested in selling drugs than truly helping individuals. I have learned so much from having this awful condition. Of that I am sure.

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