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Dingo Jellybean

I think I can say with confidence...

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...that candida MIGHT NOT cause acne for me.

This is my own admission. This may be different for some people. The reason I say this is because the candida regimen consists of moderate carb intake and no refined grains/sugars, lean meats, supplements and "blood sugar" control.

This whole idea about "brain fog" occurs not because candida releases toxins and such, but because when people switch to this diet, their carbohydrate intake is taken down drastically. Eventually all the glycogen in your liver becomes depleted and your body goes into long term ketosis...eventually inducing ketoacidosis. This causes insufficient glucose to fuel your brain cells causing neuroglycopenia. This is what I believe as this "die off" reaction.

I know, I was on this candida bandwagon too...but I think I might hop off it at the next stop.

But probiotics seem to help some people because it helps people control their immune system...making it more effective. While I do think diet/exercise are keys to acne, I think gluten might be an allergen many people are not aware of that MIGHT cause acne. Of course I do not have any proof.

Don't get me wrong, my skin has taken an almost a complete 180 and improving everyday...but all these supplements on garlic and oregano oil might not work. I say this because it's been 3 months since I've been on these supplements and my brain fog doesn't seem to be lifting. I cannot live like this forever and will completely stop all anti-fungals (or in vitro anti-fungals I should say) starting today and will record my results here to see if candida actually causes acne at all.

Note that I do know for a fact candida is a real organism inside our bodies and that it can cause disease, but only in immunocompromised patients like diabetics and AIDS patients. If your immune system is strong, you shouldn't have a problem.

I will continue watching my blood sugar, exercising, and going gluten-free. Any questions, please ask.

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I'm starting to believe more and more then a lot of us don't necessarily have a candida overgrowth but just general gut dysbiosis in which bad bacteria but not necessarily candida yeast has taken over the gut, or atleast grown out of proportion.

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