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Ok, so..I'm starting accutane in july....I've used a lot of products before but i've never had terribly dry skin...So what are some things I need to buy???

I have eucerin skin renewal..but i'll have to find something new, and i don't think dan's moisturizer will be out in time...

For lips?


And what's the best facial wash to remove makeup???


What's something you've used during accutane that you feel like you couldn't have lived without?????

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What's something you've used during accutane that you feel like you couldn't have lived without?????

tissues and whatever you use for nosebleed (vaseline, aloe, whatever).

When I was on accutane, if I even look at my nose funny I would bleed dry within minutes...

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Get these:

Aquaphor for your lips.

Visine Tears

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Ayr Saline Nasal Gel

Bandaid (if pimples pop by themselves)

Neosporin (faster healing)

Vitamin E

Omega 3 Fish oil (to decrease back and joint pains)

Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer with SPF 30 (day)

Even though I hate the Cetaphil's moisturizing lotion, I still use it for the sake of moisturizing. (night)

Take pictures of progress =)

I think thats it..... I hope this helps. O yea make an accutane journal if you haven't.

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Guest FearlessBunnyLove

If you wear makeup I'd suggest jojoba oil to get it and the sunscreen off. It works pretty well on waterproof makeup too. I've also noticed that it makes my eyelashes all pretty. Saline nose sprays are good to use before using vaseline or aquafor inside that nose. I'd recommend that cetaphil moisturing cream over the lotion if you're really dry.

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I've been on Accutane for almost 4 months. I'm at 40mg's consistently.

This is what I use. It's really simple.

1) Dove Unscented Facial Soap- I found this to be the best face wash ever. It takes off my make-up, all of it, cleans my skin nicely, and it's so soft and gentle on my skin. Makes my face feel really soft. You're not supposed to use anything that's medicated. Also, stay away from St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I think that's what caused my terrible breakout that led my derm to prescribe me Accutane. It always left build-up on my skin. It never washed off unless I took a wash cloth and scrubbed my face harshly with it. So, I love Dove soap. Wish I used it all the time before.

2) Visine Tears- I never was really bothered with dry eyes during my beginning months. But for the past couple of weeks my eyes are so dry when I wake up in the morning. Maybe it's the fan I have on over my bed at night that dries them up. I don't know. It gets to the point that it takes a few minutes to open them. So, I use Visine to help moisturize them again. It works great. Everything is back to normal then.

3) Vaseline- This I couldn't live without! My lips look normal thankfully but if I neglect putting Vaseline on them they get really really dry, cracked on the sides of my mouth and they sometimes get red because of the dryness. When they're red, it feels sort of like my lips are burning. But everything is great and normal if I keep applying Vaseline to my lips.

*I heard great things about Aquaphor and Bert's Bees or Burt's Bees. I never tried any of them because I am satisfied with Vaseline. It's doing its trick for me.*

4) Body Lotion- Any think body lotion you have to rub on your body day and night and maybe in between those times will be good for you. I haven't really experienced much dryness at all. But everyone is different and I'm not on a real high dose.

5) Face moisturizer- I use eith Oil of Olay with an SPF in it or Avon's Renewal Cream.

I really haven't experienced much side effects from this drug. I haven't had any nose bleeds, hardly any backaches, nothing of that sort. But keep stuff handy on you just in case. I think the higher dosage you have the more likely you'll develop frequent nose bleeds and such.

Good luck :)

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Oil of Olay Total Effects night cream WHEN I feel my skin has gotten extremely dry, rough, scarred and during breakouts. The cream does extremely well in smoothing out your skin, promotes healing of breakouts and removes scars extremely fast.

I also have the day cream, but haven't used it much since my face feels and looks extremely oily, and I stop using it since I know I'll end up with breakouts if I don't.

Aquaphor for your lips and nose. I used to use Eucerin thinking they'd be the same. I was wrong. I used to have constant nosebleeds using Eucerin... haven't had any since switching to Aquaphor.

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