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I want to order some green cream but don't know what level to get... All I see is level 6 and level 3 ???

I have moderate acne,, alot of small white heads, a few small cysts. I have ALOT of redmarks though, and a few small scars.

Anybody know which green cream to get.

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A moderator on these boards LionQueen is the green cream princess around here, if she dosen't come into this thread maybe you could PM her :)

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GC Princess, that's me. :)

The first thing I want to ask is, have you considered a prescription retinoid? If you have moderate acne with inflammation and cysts, GC is probably not the best option for you. I generally recommend it for comedonal acne or mild inflammatory acne. Since it is quite pricey, I suggest giving this some thought. Retin A Micro or Differin is probably a better way for you to go.

If you DO decide you want to try GC .............. unless you have extremely sensitive skin, I would skip Green Cream Level 3 and go straight to Level 6. Once you can use that daily with no irritation, you are probably ready for Level 9. Level 9 is not available online, but can be ordered over the phone from Linda Sy Skincare.

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hey thanks.

I had already ordered some. Prescriptions are not an option for me. Is it just that green cream is not as effective, or would it be bad to use for my acne? I ordered level 3, but I feel more comfortable doing this because my skin is somewhat sensitive, depends on the product. Sensitive to BP. Green cream is good for redmarks and scars right? Thanks again.

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It certainly isn't going to make things worse ... but from the way you've described your acne, I will be surprised if you see much in the way of results from Level 3. Level 6 and 9 are going to be much more effective ... but I am not really very optimistic about controlling cystic acne with GC. It just isn't that strong.

You should see some progress with your redmarks, especially once you move up to the stronger concentrations. Not so sure about scars ..... I haven't found GC on its own to have much effect on my own small pitted scars, and I don't know much about other types of scarring.

Anyway, since you've already bought it, go ahead and give it a try. Good luck, keep us posted!

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I started with a level 3 retinol (a different brand, not green cream) and I did see some improvement, but when I ran out I switched to a level 5 and I really do see even more inprovement! I think after this bottle I will try a level 9 or 10.

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