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hey just wanted to share

.im a female and i been suffering acne on and off since im 19 (im 30 now) some years i was clear though but the last 3 years my acne turned into cystic mainly on my jawline and neck...very painful,ugly ,depressing ...):

i did a full cleansing with diet and lifestyle and my cystic acne slowly stoped but it didnt go away competely ,

i always had one or two pimples a day specially near my chin..

some times they would be huge and painful..this was also really annoying but much less than my bad previous acne so i was quite happy anyway..

3 weeks ago i started taking a bcomplex suplement (i dont eat meat since im 18) and my acne was gone on the next day!!

for the firts time in 3 years i havent get a single pimple in 3 weeks..this is very rare for me ,i am one week due to my period and usually at this time of the month i get the most acne ...

i herd that b-vitamins are very important for the hormones , stress ect and since i was not eating meat, i was probably deficient or something..

i believe my acne was hormonal but also caused by stress since i travel on planes almost every week and get little sleep when i do so.

i hope this helps some people out there ,i will post more progress and i hope its just not a coincidence..



sorry i almost 4 got, the last 3 months i also developed cystic acne on my back , life 2 to 5 big pimples at a time ,and also on my tummy,):wich i found completely odd ..tons of small little pimples on my tummy..what the heck..

well after my bcompex intake i havent got a single zit on my body again..

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It's not that I don't believe you, I do, but if bcomplex works with people, then why don't doctors recommend it? At least my doctor has never recommended it to me. But I think I'm going to try it anyways (hope it works for me)

Also, how many supplements did you take, just once a day?

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it worked for me but might not for others ,every one is different i guess

im taking twice a day chewable gluten free yeast free suplement ..i will stop taking it and see what happens

.sometimes nutrients are keys to imbalances so i imagine this could be relatet to my meat free diet ..

good luck

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