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Just Got Back From Consultation on treatment options

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I am 21 yr old male. who suffered moderate acne from age 14 until about 18. The last 3 yrs of so is mild, with a pimple here and there. Although, it has left redness, which has persistantly existed for yrs now without real active acne. I also have some scarring although not serious but it does bother me.

I came back from the consultation today and the lady discussed my options. She said I should have about 3 to 5 seperate sessions of Micro Dermabrassion , then if necessary have the Laser Resurfacing. She says because my acne scarring isnt that severe, the Micro Dermabrassion might improve my scarring/redness (red spots) enough to not have to proceed with the Laser. Also, I was looking to get the "quick fix" and get the laser resurfacing immediately and be done with it all at 1 time. She said, you have to have multiple Micro demabrassions sessions before proceeding to the Laser Resurfacing, is this infact true or are they just trying to get more money from me?

Besides the 1st question I posed, I have additional ones as well:

1) I am wondering if there is any chance that insurance will at least partly cover the costs? I know HMO's usually dont cover any cosmetic surgery but I have suffered depression/anxiety/OCD as a result of the acne. I have seen a shrink for these several problems. I am wondering if I prove, that it has (ACNE) has caused my functioning in life to decrease, would that warrant the coverage?

2) Its costs $125 for each micro dermabrassion session, is this expensive, cheap relative to other business that offer this?

3) Also this lady is a skin care therapist, not a doctor, should this be a concern? Also it seems all the services she offers are superficial like peels, I dont see the laser treatment or chemical peel, do these procedures have to be done by a doctor?

4) For the people that had it, please tell me your experiences, what does it feel like...painful? Do they give you anesthesia?

5) I am somewhat worried if Microdermabrassion could have adverse effects and cause acne breakouts, that you wouldnt have suffered if you never had the procedure, is this possible? Since my skin is pretty calm now with no real active acne im worried that by doing something like this could cause what I dread most- ACNE BREAKOUTS!!!

I posted this in the scar treatment forum but only got 2 responses, Im kinda paronoid and suffer OCD, so I would appreciate if someone could give me thorough responses to the questions I posed here because I am concerned.

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wow dude, I wouldn't trust anyone with my skin who hasn't gone to school for a real long time, I advise you to re-think this one

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can anyone who is knowledgeable and reads about this stuff all the time or have experienced what im asking, please provide in depth responses to the questions that i asked, Id really appreciate it!! I tried googling some of this but it doesnt give the specifics im looking for


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Hey there, I don't know how much use this will be to you, but anyway..

I'm currently doing a course of microdermabrasion. I don't know whether it has helped my acne as I was prescribed doxycycline, differin, eryacne and isotrex at the same time. So i'm not sure whether it has been effective. But, I have noticed an improvement in skin tone and texture. My skin is softer and smoother. However, my acne scars are still there and my pores are still large etc. It hasn't made me breakout either.

I'm doing these MD sessions at a cosmetic medicine clinic. It's the best of both worlds really. I'm getting them done by a doctor who specialises in cosmestic medicine. I don't know about you, but personally I prefer to see a medically trained professional rather than a beautician. However, if you're only doing the microdermabrasion, seeing a doctor probably isn't necessary. It's a very safe, non invasive treatment. I'm paying a premium (unnecessary) price to get it perfomed in a clinic.

In the future, I will probably get it done by a beauty therapist because it is kinda harmless. I don't know whether 125 is expensive, cause I have no idea where you reside. It doesn't hurt at all, it just feels scratchy and uncomfortable. I takes about 20-30 minutes. Chemical peels can be performed by a skincare therapist as well. I'm not saying they shouldn't be trusted. I'm sure they deal with people with similar concerns on a daily basis, so I think they would know what they're doing provided they're a reputable clinic.

If I were undergoing laser or something riskier, there is no way I would see a beauty therapist for this treatment. I'd only trust a doctor for something like that. In fact, in think over here only doctors can perfom laser. I have no idea what your skin looks like or how much damage you're trying to undo, but micro hasn't been that effective for me (but then again, my skin is really bad). If you just have red spots, maybe something like a chemical peel or micro would be enough. With micro, Some notice a reduction in scars, and some don't. All I know is that it's expensive for the results (or lack thereof) I have a feeling you should go with your therapist on this one. I understand you have OCD, but most beauticians/therapists/doctors would recommend you start with microd and work your way up seeing as you have no current acne just red spots.

Think of it this way, usually for acne sufferers, you start on OTC topicals, work your way up to prescription topicals, antibiotics and then accutane. You don't just jump straight onto the accutune. Please don't base your decisions on my post alone, I'm just sharing my experience with you.

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