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cant lose the last few pounds

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this has nothing to do with acne but...

any suggestions for loseing the last few pounds in belly fat i am a healthy weight but i just need to get rid of the belly fat it wont go any diet or exersise suggestions

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The key to losing abdominal fat and gaining defined abdominal muscles is to strip fat from your entire body through exercise enough to see a trimmer stomach...people assume they can just do sit-up/crunch type exercises and tone their stomach. This is untrue because you can't "spot treat" areas, the fat has to come off your entire body for it to be of true benefit in the abs area. Since you mention you are of healthy body weight, i would suggest focusing on doing about 100-200 situps a day (build up gradually and ensure you use variation in exercises) and moderate intensity cardio exercises daily. Also, in terms of diet, steer clear of the usual bad stuff - this means simple carbohydrates, sugars, fried foods, sugary drinks and try eating a diet of lots of water, whole foods like fresh/organic fruit n veg, complex wholegrain carbs, protein foods like chicken, etc.

Good luck :)

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Procedure Estimated Immediate Weight Loss

Clip finger and toenails 1 ounce maximum

Haircut 2-6 ounces

Drastic Haircut / Headshave 4-12 ounces

Trim Body Hair 1 oz. (ladies) 3 oz. (men) 24 lbs (Greek men)

Remove a wart 1 oz.

Take a diuretic 1-3 pounds (temporary)

Take a laxative 1-2 pounds (temporary)

Colon Therapy / Take an Enema 2-3 pounds (temporary)

Poop 0-2 pounds (temporary)

Run a marathon on a hot day 3 lbs (women), 5 lbs (men) (temporary)

Amputate your arm 10-25 lbs (way too permanent)

Amputate your leg 15-45 lbs (again, not advised)

Vascetomy none.

Take a big pee. up to 1.5 pounds

Take a big dump up to 2.5 pounds

Go barefoot 1-2 pounds

Go Naked 1-8 pounds (summer vs. winter)

Contact lenses vs. Glasses 0.3 pounds

No liquids all day 1-2 pounds

No food all day 2-3 pounds

No salt all day 0-1 pound

Don't wear underwear 1 oz. (thong)-2 lbs. (granny panties)

Exfoliating face wash nothin.

Liposuction 10 lbs maximum per surgery

Donate a kidney 3 pounds.

Breast Reduction Surgery 5-15 pounds typically.

I suppose I should warn you that amputating a limb is not really a wise way to lose weight. In fact, almost all of the above suggestions are very poor.

sorry bout that..lol..

All joking aside..i had the same problem. Heres what I did to lose my small yet bothersome belly fat. I fast walked an hour or more every night. (and sometimes, every other night) Here is the key, As I walked I would hold in my stomach muscles. Was a bit painful at first, but after a couple of weeks my stomach muscles tightened up and my stomach became flat. That was 3 years ago..I still continue, but now I run.

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catpower is right, you can't spot reduce body fat(at least not naturally)..

body fat is lost from the whole body.

but I'm not sure about doing situps...sit ups for most people...simply do not work(most people do not do them right to begin with)..esp

considering the amount of back pain you receive..not worth it in my opinion.

not only that, situps build up ab muscle as opposed to burning fat from your stomach,

and do not spot reduce body fat from your tummy(like the commercials for ab machines LIE about)

think about it..doing situps is like doing a bench press or a barbell curl..it builds muscle, and doesn't burn fat.

you can get a six pack..essentially..from having low body fat.

that means..watching what you eat and doing lots of cardiovascular training..that's your answer to

low body fat(and thus a six pack..although the ab muscles won't be as big if you don't do situps..but you'll still

see the lines)..but you don't want your ab muscles to be bigger than your chest..you'll look like the iron sheik

the situps that actually work very well are those where you hang from a bar with safety restraints and arc your back, and then lift you knees to your chest

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One word....Cardio....

If you do 35-45 minutes of moderate to high intensity cardio (eliptical....medium resistance and fast pace, or running)....five or six times a week.....you should get rid of the bulge......Watch what you eat, limit refined carbs and cut out carbonated beverages (this adds to the bloat). Consider biulding up a little muscle all over......it really speeds up your resting metabolism, and burns more fat.........

When you do work you abs pull you belly button in towards your spine when you cantract you ab muscles.....this helps prevent them from building outward........

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Healthy diet (fruits, veggies, nuts, wild fish, lean meats, whole grains), weights and cardio.

What you eat can encourage body fat loss. Green tea, fish oil, and moderate cardio has been shown to help remove abdominal fat together. That's as close to a shortcut you're going to get.

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This probably sounds like a silly question .. but Im going on vacation in exactly 26 days from today. How many inches can I lose from my tummy .. with a PERFECCCCCCCCCCCT diet and an hour of jogging everyday? Seriously...I want a FLAT tummy :( lol The rest of me Im happy with, just the goddamned tummy fat...yeah, so please .. HELP!!!?

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what would be considered refined carbs or bad carbs? I only eat whole grains now .. all the bread i do eat must be wheat bread .. i must say a slice of wheat bread is only 90 calories white bread omg it is soo bad and is like 100 something calories. The only time i eat something sugary is when i add sugar to my tea .. yogurt .. and breakfast bars is that ok? Sometimes ill have a popsicle or icecream but it isnt often at all. If i do crave something sweet ill either have a popsicle, spoon of peanut butter or a piece of chocolate if there is any. Unfortunately for us girls we are always craving some thing is HORRIBLE! lol

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It's a lot easier than most experts make it sound, once you know the CORRECT things to do and the ways to do them, anyone can follow a meal plan or excercise plan, it's making sure your doing the right things in your meal plan and excercise plan to make it work. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*

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Some extensive workouts are good for helping with that. I really like dvds by Jillian Michaels and Shaun T.

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