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Hello. This is really embarssing for me but I really need help.

A few days ago a few bumps appeared on my face. the kind of extra large bumps where you can feel it really deep in the skin and really sore on your face all day.

Now i had managed to take care of one of them with the needle method just stick it in etc and pop it. Its ok now just healing but there is one that is very deep inside that REALLY hurts. even before i touched it it is just really painful. Ive looked online quite a bit about this and all people say is pretty much to do the needle method to get it out. But i have tried it on this one several diffrent times and i cannot do it. I cant press the needle in that far because it is to deep and its really painful each time i have tried.

I feel like i need to get rid of this one as soon as possible. I waited for a few painful days before i even touched it and now i have made it worse trying to do myself good.

My question is there anything i can do to get rid of this fast?! Its about the size of a quarter next to my mouth and really hard and large but the core is deep down what can i do? i cant sqeeze this for the life of me. And i have no determoligist to go to to give me a shot for it.

i even missed work today because i feel like i look so bad and so ugly i feel miserable. im to embarssed to go out. please help me i need real advice. i know it will go away eventually if i dont do anything to it but that will take a long long time and i cant take the dam pain anymore and its so noticable being as large as it is

please help me im sorry if im making a big deal about this it just really feels like it.. i think you can even call is a cyst im not sure..

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DON"T POP IT...if it's a cysts it prob. won't pop..it'll just get worse....call a derm and tell them how big it is..and that it's a cysts...get an appt to get a cortisone shot (normally they can get you in really fast )

If you have insurance it'll just be your copay..

I got my first shot the other day and i can't believe i waited so long..it was amazing!!

the swelling had gone down by the time i got home!!!!

Just please don't pop it...you could use tea tree oil, BP, or sulfur to try and dry it up a little..but your best bet is a shot

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