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My Short CSR Story

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Okay I have decided to post my short experience with CSR. I have been using CSR for about 1 week now, and WOW the results are great.

About me: I am an Elvis Impersonator (the young skinny Elvis) see sideburning.com and I tend to perform outside during the summer. I have very oily skin and during the winter I am fine, however when summer hits I am a grease monkey. I believe I have real problems with summer humidity contributing to my breakouts. Anyway I found the acne.org site and like many of the other stories I thought “what the hell� I will give it a shot. P.S. My doctor was absolutely no help in the matter. He prescribed some sort of BS that did not do a thing.

So here is my current routine. Please feel free to comment.


Purpose Cleansing Bar

Shave with colgate shaving SOAP

Purpose Cleansing Bar

2.5% Stridex BP pad/wipe

wait 1 hour, apply Neutrogena Maximum Strength Oil Controlling Pad

(I use this because if I don’t, I will shine like freshly polished shoe!!)


Purpose Cleansing Bar

2.5% Stridex BP pad/wipe

Cover trouble areas with Clearasil 10%

(go to sleep)

Yes I know, I skipped the moisturizer, however I used it once and my face looked like the Exxon Valdez oil spill!

Anyway I just wanted to post my experience so far.


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my one comment is now ur skin might be fine


your skin might dry up within a week or so like mine did

and it means you wil have a lot of irriation which, means acne.

i suggest finding a nice non greasy moisturiser and applying it (even if its a small ammount)

just to keep your skin hydrated

hope this helps :D

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goodluck for the future.

But i would suggest using a moisturizer, If you skin gets to dry, You will just get as greasy As moisturizer would of made you look(alltho this shouldnt happen if u pick a matter affect one

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hi cdunn!

Wow, an Elvis Impersonator, how cool!!

Anyway, consider just shaving with the Purpose bar lather. Then you won't need that other shaving soap.

Also do watch for impending dryness if you don't use a moisturizer, it usually happens within a week or two.

also, I've tried the Stridex pads, and while they may be okay for use every now and then, like when you are away from home and just want something quick and convenient, I don't think it would work well for everyday use. There just isn't enough bp in those pads to get a 'generous' amount all over your skin. So do consider getting either the CSR gel which is awesome, or one of the other over-the-counter 2.5% bp products so that you can get it generously all over.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the information on the Stridex pads. I was curious if I was not getting the FULL effect of BP with those. I will try the CSR gel. Also, I will keep the board updated on my progress as I am curious when the dryness will set in. So far everything is still okay (no dryness) and it will be a week with the CSR tomorrow.

I am just glad to have a forum to talk to, my wife (who has had maybe one pimple in her life) thinks that I am completely insane about my acne. She says that it is not really bad acne, however to me it is.

It is very very hard for people who don't have acne to understand what it is like!



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hi Charlie,

do keep us updated on how you are doing, and I agree this forum is fabulous! Skin problems are such a societal taboo to talk about, it's very nice to have others to talk to who understand what you are going through.

Good luck.....

btw, I checked out your wesite, that looks like alot of fun!

It got me to thinking, do you have to wear Stage Makeup as part of your performance? That stuff is usually thick and infamous for bothering acne-prone skin.

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The Elvis stuff is alot of fun, I will be performing at a festival in 2 weeks! I am doing the movies Elvis and the Vegas Elvis.

As far as the makeup goes, I primarily use it to cover up my dense stubble. I can shave right before a performance and it still looks like I have a GO T.

At first I had issues with the "men wearing makeup" thing. Then I noticed that all the impersonators are doing it, AND all Actors.

I use Bare Essentials to even out my face tone/cover up. My mom (of all people) told me about it. It is a very light weight powder foundation. It does not seem to irratate my skin so I use that to cover up my 5:00 shadow.

Obviously I have also used the makeup to cover up the dreaded acne, for which I seek the magic cure (which so far seems to be CSR!)

P.S. Even Elvis had bad acne. Look at some of the early years pictures!

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Well, be careful with the Bare Escentuals, I tried that stuff and it broke me out! It is one of those "love it or hate it" products. Some people here on the forums love it, while others have an awful time with it and break out!

So if you notice a correlation with the makeup and your breakouts, maybe look for something else to wear.

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