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Some Positive Insight for Accutane Users

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I haven't posted on here in a long long time. But I used to read quite often when I first started using accutane in late January of 2005.

Just thought I would drop a line for anyone who was feeling like I was at that time.

I have been off of Accutane for 11 months and my skin is still clear. :clap:

I had moderate acne to begin with and very oily skin. I had random nodules and cysts around my chin and upper cheeks. I also had occasional bumps and black heads on my forehead. People who knew me before the treatment can't believe how clear my skin is. People who didn't know me before the treatment can't believe my skin was ever that bad.

I used the generic version of Accutane called Sotret. I took 80mg a day for 5 months. I took my entire dose every morning with breakfast. I ate a lot of high fiber foods and drank water day in and day out. I had tubes of Aquaphor everywhere .. in the car ..in every purse ... in bed. I am laughing because there is still a tube in my desk drawer at work now :lol:

I did notice the affects - (please note that I said affect not result) - right away. The final results didn't show until about 2 months after I stopped using it. That's when the natural oil came back to my skin.

My lips are still drier than they were before the accutane. Infact, the skin all over my body is not as oily as before the treatment, and I use moisturizers to subsidize. I lost hair around my hairline which finally started to grow back a few months later. Now it's back to normal. I used Johnson & Johnson's soap free cleanser called Purpose. I still use it today. I used Eucerin moisturizer/sunscreen on my face, and Jergens lotion on my body.

Let's see what else can I tell you. Oh I gave up alcohol completely while using accutane. I learned the hard way from a headache I could not get rid of for several days after I had just 2 glasses of wine one night.

I still drink a lot of water, although nowhere near as much as I did while on accutane. That is one of the most positive things that came from using the treatment for me. Drink More Water.

I remember having night sweats while using accutane, but only in the first few months. My joints ached mildy in the first 2 months. But oddly, even though I was more prone to scarring, the scars cleared up very quickly afterwards.

Well that was my experience. It might sound like a lot, but I hardly thought about it since then. And I have no regrets about my choice to use it.

Hope this helps someone to feel encouraged. Good luck.

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Everybody is afraid unless they have no idea what they are taking. I go in for blood tests next week and i'll be terrified the first time i take one. Just remember to eat healthy and take care of yourself and the accutane will take care of your acne.

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How clear would you say you were right after you stopped?

I just stopped my round with it and I'm sort of still rather... broken out and red. Although it is -slowly- going away.

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