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Tinman's Tinpot Thread For Keeping Cool In Summer

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Hi everyone,

With summer very much here (well, in the UK anyway), I thought I'd share my tips on how to stay cool and cope during the summer, especially to help CSR users from sweating BP over their clothes! A lot of it may seem really obvious, but sometimes the obvious eludes even the best of us. :redface:

Ready? Let's go! :dance:

- Keep a chilled bottle of water in the fridge at all times for when you go out.

- Another good thing to carry if you're walking outside is one of those bottle coolers.

- Keep your trainers in the freezer. On a hot day they'll keep you cool outside for 15-20 mins.

- To avoid smelly feet - use deodorant! (well, duh!)

- Linen is your friend (and you're not even supposed to iron it!)

- Carry a small water spray can with you; you can spray yourself (when no one is looking ;) ), and then when the water evaporates off you, it will cool you down. When indoors, do this in front of a desk fan to cool down rapidly.

- As for BP: either don't use it on the lower neck (it should spread down anyway), or carry tissues to dab away any sweat.

- or simply wear white! Lighter shades reflect the heat from the sun anyway.

- holding your wrists under running water is not nearly as effective as sticking your feet in a bucket of icy-cold water. :razz:

- get air conditioning, dammit! :cool:

Feel free to add to this thread with your advice. :)

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wearing white isnt a great tip, when bp "bleaches" things it doesnt necessarily bleach them in the traditional sense (turning them white). when you're wearing white clothes, bp will bleach them ORANGE.

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Really? Wow. I had an off-white t-shirt that went a sort of orange from BP, but my three plain-white t-shirts, and one linen shirt aren't stained at all.

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i know it doesnt involve keepin cool but

use sunscreen in the sun on anywhere u apply bp

(i was in the sun for prob an hour max playing basketball on sat an i had a red chin that night)

bp makes you more sensitive

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Good point, Dami4n. :)

And aren't some sunscreens designed to make you sweat less? Don't know whether they are non-comedogenic or not though.

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I'll have to remember these. I grew up in Arizona, which is hot. But I've since moved to a very humid part of the country, and it's amazing how much this affects my skin care!

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most importantly...

re-apply sunscreen when @ beach or w/e. every few hours, put some more sunscreen on your face so so u don't get burned b/c as we all know, BP increases sunlight sensitivity. so do antibiotics, and other acne creams...

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Here's a new one. if you're going to be outside for a while:

Put a two-thirds full bottle of water in the freezer. (The water will expand, so don't have it completely full or it'll crack the bottle)

Then take that with you. :)

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oohh Thrice, you have a good taste in music there Stocko, seems as Thrice aint as respected as they should be.

Teppe' :D

yeah my face is slight red atm, due to sun:S getting a sunscreen tomorrow, but sods law the sun has gone and now its kinda rainy

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