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Alright so I'm getting to the point of finally finding a regimen that works for me and getting pretty clear. Even though I'm pretty clear physically, in my head I still feel like I'm not. I've been battling this shit for about 5 years and went through a course of Accutane that gave me an insane initial breakout and confidence wise I've never been the same since. Really shy, don't feel attractive, socially don't go out as much as I should. It seems like battling acne over the years has taken it's toll on me mentally and I don't know how to get that confidence back.

Anyone else the same way? Any advice?

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um yes I feel the same way. If you are pretty clear my advice is to stop damn thinking about it! One day, just like me, you will realise you wasted so many great experiences that not even perfect skin will ever let you get back because they are in the past now.

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well i can't help u here cuz im totally screwy mentally and im ugly with or without acne but if u want to get social again well hmmmm.... gosh can't think of much =/

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It's completely naturual and NORMAL for the emotional effects of clearing up to take some lag time to catch up with the physical effects of clearing up. Think about it - you've been dealing with the emotional and image part of acne for years - it's not going to go away in the space of a few months.

But it WILL eventually. It just takes time for your brain and your emotions to catch up to the outside is all. It's about relearning new ways of looking and feeling about yourself.

Feeling one way about yourself is a habit. It'll just take time for the habit of feeling another way about yourself to really sink in. But it will happen.

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