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need help bad!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey i need accutane bad and i cant afford a derm appoint, cause i dont got insurance, i know this site doesnt recommend it but can some1 send me a link to a pharmacy that sells accutane please thnkx, u can send it to this name u dont gotta post it here since i know its illegal or w.e

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careful, its illegal. makesure you choose the right type for you and dont go wrong with the dosages. Feel free to choose either the genuine one or a generic one, there all alright, Personally, i would recommend a derm as they can be a great help.

remember,since youre doing this all by yourself, youll have to accept the risks and responsibilities and you wont be able to blame it on anyone even when things go wrong.

online pharmacies??? go to www.google.com and youll find yourself a good one. be VERY careful with choosing the right one. many, if not most, will be either fake, contain no active ingredient, or be something that you dont want. If you visit a derm, youll be assured to get a genuine one.

If youve got the money, a dermotologist is well worth the time and money.

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i just lost my name up top lolz, i couldnt remember it but neways i seen that one it wouldnt let me order anything i need accutane bad and i cant afford waiting 6 monthes for an appoint and payin all that money just to see the derm i think its like 300 just for an appointment which is bull, so yes peeps i need help

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