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This oil sounds incredible .. can anyone tell me where I can buy it like any stores or websites? And can anyone tell me thier experience with it .. bc i have very dry skin on my face and im sure its bc all the essential oils are being stripped but nothing i use as a moisturizer is helping really .. and this sounds like it would works wonder so please COMMENTS!

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

I'm from Australia so it's very accessible here. I pay about A$25 for a 125ml bottle.

It's pretty amazing stuff in my opinion. I've used it for 1 month now and it's hydrated my skin considerably. I'm using 6% Glycolic Acid & Retinaldehyde and my skin is only slightly dry if i don't apply moisturiser, otherwise it's fine.

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wow 1oz from DianaYVonne is 25$ thats insane i dont have that kinda of money lol .. i had an awsome website that sold Emu Oil for much cheaper but i lost it :( any1 from Rhode Island. New England, USA know stores that sell it? Any other websites? How is Jojoba Oil is it like Emu Oil? The same? What is different? Bc i can find like a 16oz bottle of Jojoba Oil for only 15$

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