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anything wrong with using generic 10% BP?

Too strong. Usually it is used as spot treatment only and definately not for use in the CSR.

If your question was relating to the fact that it is "generic", then i dont think there should be a problem.

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It's very easy to think the strongest is the best.

But I switched from the 10% to the 2.5% of Dan's BP and have noticed MORE improvement with my skin and LESS irratation to boot.

It's the irratation that will kick your ass with the 10%. The 2.5 does the exact same thing, but doesn't dry out your skin so much.

Psychologically, people will always try to buy the maximum strength anything first.

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i used to use 5% bp from UK's chemists.

i foudn it worked ok. but hten i bought dans CSR gel (2.5%BP)

an was amazed how much it worked but also how mild it was

my skin literally took a deep breath an relaxed from then on

an i cleared up a lot faster

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Studies have showed that 2.5% BP is just as effective as teh higher percentages without the irritation so I would recommened using 2.5% (prefably Dan's gel! :wub:)

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