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comedonal acne (microcomedones or small bumps) caused by...

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I have had a rough 2 weeks with rough bumpy skin with some sort of pore problem in a straight line from ear to ear - i have small bumps that are covering that area. I overwashed one weekend during a hockey tournament (i was paranoid...and i learned a lesson..oh boy did i ever learn a lesson.) and since then, I believe to have comedonal acne or more specifically, microcomedones. I did regimen twice daily, but probably had done 30+ splashes of water on my face to get rid of sweat or what ever else would be on my face after a hockey game (i would have 2 games a day so that would be 60 splahes ... and 20 more including the times i would use a cleanser in the morning and night ... equaling a whopping 80 splahes of water a day .. for 4 days in a row. wow. my face deserves to do this to me).

I think my pores just went overboard with the sebum/oil production after i stripped my face of all its oils! and so they just went nuts ... but im not sure what exactly would happen to the skin so therefore, i cannot diagnose myself. has anyone ever done this and have a name for this condition? all i can do right now is explain it as i have never had something like this before. They are non-inflammatory and only get red when I sweat or have exercised. They just look like bumps on my skin when the light is reflected off them a certain way. They have a coarse texture and look disgusting. Please help. I was also sick with a cold during this time period and am wondering if that could have been an issue. Anyways, when I had these, I started applying more amounts of BP on my nose (although, i am sure BP doesn't help with this kind of condition). I also started using an AHA moisturizer (eucerin dry skin relief) on my nose in hopes that the AHA would smooth the skin there. I doubt anything is working right now as these bumps have traveled onto the areas east and west of my nose :wall: .

What on earth can i do to get these to go away :mad: I am cleansing and moisturizing twice daily. morn and night. BP on forehead and non affected areas only once nightly. I won't use it during the day as I think it may run down my face onto affected areas.

So heres a pic of them in all their glory :redface:

Any and all help would be appriciated.

IPB Image

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