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Hi all,

I decided to try the regimen at the end of last year after Minocin, which had previously been effective for me, seemed to no longer be keeping my mild but extremely persistent acne under control. I first started getting spots around 1994, in my mid twenties, having had perfect skin up till then. Over the past couple of years, I actually seemed to be getting more spots, and they lasted longer and were bigger.

Have to say that I'd tried just about everything imaginable except Accutane. I was entirely sceptical that the regimen would work, but I decided to persist, even though for the first month my face itched and was red. It's now about four months since I had a significant spot. To say I'm pleased is an understatement.

I found that Oxy 2.5% was effective but expensive, so I ordered some of Dan's Clear Skin Regimen gel, which is much cheaper and even better. I use Clearasil 3-in-1 sensitive to wash my face night and morning, and King Of Shaves K-24/8 moisturiser, which is pretty expensive but great for easily irritated skin like mine. For the first time in 12 years, my skin actually feels like it's properly under control.

Using generous amounts of benzoyl, with moisturiser on top so that it's slowly and constantly absorbing, is the key to the regimen's success, I think. I'd used Oxy and assorted other benzoyl based products in the past, but the instructions with most lead to putting thin applications on the skin with no moisturiser, which is entirely ineffective and often makes the skin worse in my experience.

Anyway, that's enough rambling on. I just hope the regimen continues to work. Thanks Dan!

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